warning about Thomas\' flat bagels


I noticed these about a month ago and we were using them to make little mini pizzas...the label looked fine. No May contain warnings whatsoever. A few days ago I pick up a bag to buy again and stuck in the side of one of the bagels was a small piece of walnut. I went up to the cashier and asked her as well what she thought it was and she said the same thing. Please be careful!!


On Jan 18, 2007

i do not use these bagels, we use lenders nut free frozen. i have talked to them and they do not label for cross contact.

On Jan 18, 2007

Did you report this to Thomas'? I suppose you didn't actually buy the package since you spotted it at the store. But it would be good if you had the information off of the package to report it to the FDA.

On Jan 18, 2007

Are you talking about the square bagel bread, or another type? Because where I live at least, those are labeled as may contain.

I have gotten horrible responses from Thomas/George Weston, I haven't used their products since. (My non FA son adores bagels, that's the only reason I even looked at the package!)