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Want to check on a product..?

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I was checking out the Calgary Allergy Network and found a link to a list of suppliers with phone numbers in Canada and the US.



On Mar 10, 1999

Clara, you may also be interested in the Halton Anaphylaxis Parents' Group web site [[url]www.cgocable.net/~cmr/hapg][/url] which has a list of manufacturers' phone numbers. It has some numbers that are not on the list at the Calgary site. Finally, don't forget that you can call your local public library for manufacturers' phone numbers. I am a public librarian and we supply company telephone numbers all the time to our customers. Take care.

On Mar 10, 1999

Thank you both for your advice! I've called information with no luck lots of times. Now I have somewhere else to turn to for help. I never thought of the local library!