Walmart baking soda & cheese

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Discouraging!! Walmart brand baking soda & shredded cheeses are not safe for PA and TNA. Now when a relative says their cookies are"safe" I have to check to see what brand of baking supplies because I never would have thought baking soda could be cross contaminated. (PS. I live in central NY).

By Bassball23bb on Jun 21, 2011

I've seen the Walmart shredded cheese with the warning also; it's insane!!! This is why I don't trust store brands. They manufacture so many of their products in the same facility that cross-contamination is all but guaranteed.

It's amazing how many foods have warnings now. Pretty soon I'll have to start checking the label on Pepsi! You never know right!?

By jennifer41 on Jun 22, 2011

I actually trust Walmart's Great Value because their labeling is the most detailed I've ever seen. I called them and they said they label "may contains" on any product produced in the same facility or same equipment. Their cheeses are produced in a facility that uses tree nuts and that is why the label is there. Customer service said they label so well because one of the family members has food allergies. If a Great Value product reads safe for nuts, that is because that product was made on a nut free production line and usually in a nut free plant. I called several times to see if I got a different answer, but was told the same thing every time. Yes, it is a pain that Great Value has warning labels in unexpected places, but at least you know that if one of their products reads safe, that means it is safe.

By lalala on Aug 3, 2011

I totally agree with Jennifer. I would rather they label and trust them.