Dairy-allergic DD has been taking Safeway brand children's multivitamins forever. Recently a may contain milk statement appeared on the label. The only ingredient resembling milk in the ingredient list is lactose.

Two questions: Has the formulation changed or just the label? If lactose is the reason for the label change, does the product actually contain milk protein or is this just an example of the FDA not getting fine distinctions correct? For example, the FDA considers coconut a tree nut when most people do not. Maybe the FDA requires manufacturers to label products with lactose (a sugar, not a protein) as may contain milk when the lactose may not even be derived from milk.

I have a call in to Safeway and they are "checking" on this. Does anyone else have this same issue?

On Nov 17, 2006

i dont think anyone considers coconut a tree nut. may contain milk is on a lot of candies too, it most likely means that the machinery may not be cleaned properly and they make things with milk.