Posted on: Thu, 02/08/2007 - 11:02pm
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DD (PA, TNA, egg and milk allergies) had been taking Safeway store brand multivitamins. Recently the label changed, stating "may contain milk". The ingredients have not changed, just the label, and the milk ingredient is lactate. To be safe we switched brands to one without lactate.

She has been saying that the new red vitamins (not the orange or purple ones) hurt her tongue. The red ones hurt her brother's tongue, too, and he has no food allergies or oral allergy syndrome with any foods. Thinking that this was just an irritation and not an allergy, I told her to take a red vitamin; she took it. (This was probably a mistake beacuse I shouldn't have told a FA child to eat something which made her tongue hurt!) Nine hours later, DD vomited once(no other symptoms, no fever, didn't seem sick). Do you think the vitamin caused a reaction? Would you switch brands again?


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