I just bought my 13-month old PA daughter some multi-vitamins (kids chewables) & added 1/2 of one to her dinner the other night. I was surprised later on, reading the label, that it has peanut oil in it. She didn't have a reaction that night (previous reactions have been hives when she's touched peanut products). Did I just get lucky, or is it OK if there are trace amounts? Also, do all kids' vitamins have that, or do I just need to look for another brand?

Seems like w/so many kids having peanut allergies, vitamin companies would avoid something like that. Oh, well, I'm learning...

On Mar 3, 2000

Melanie - I give my 4 year old son Flintstones with Vitamin C. I call Bayer Corp. with every new bottle to check the ingredients. They said the vendor of the beta carotene at one time was using peanut oil and to check every bottle because they often change vendors for the different ingredients. I had remembered something about this in the media last year (before I discovered this website). Be careful of medications too - the progesterone I took while I was pregnant had peanut oil. (I am not sure if it would cause a reaction or not but I would rather not risk it). Anyone else have any experience with this?

On Mar 3, 2000

I have been warned by two friends who are nurses that peanut oil can be in prescriptions as well as over the counter medications. Always remind the doctor and pharmacist of your child's allergies when medication is prescribed. I am cautious of over the counter items as well. All the more reason for your child to wear medical alert i.d. as well.

On Mar 9, 2000

The peanut oil used in meds is supposed to be the highly filtered type rendering the proteins ineffective, which is why there was no reaction. You have LOTs of options with childrens vitamins. Shop around.

On Oct 7, 2002

Has anyone used Poly-VI-Flor vitamins for your PA child? My son is also allergic to kiwi, chicken, turkey and eggs. I looked on the bottle and it doesn't say anything, but I still don't dare to give them to him w/o some type of confirmation.


On Oct 7, 2002

Robinlp- I posted a question about Poly-Vi-Flor under Manufacturers and nobody answered! After calling the company, I trusted that they were safe for my PA, dairy, egg and tree nut-allergic DD. She has had them 2 or 3 times without reaction. (I don't really like them because they have no iron.)

On Oct 7, 2002

Watch the gummi-vites. They also have pn oil in them. I think that the Pokeman vitamins also are made in a factory with pn or tna products. I am picky about vitamins for this reason. Keep looking. There are safe ones out there. Kristi