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Posted on: Mon, 06/18/2001 - 4:26pm
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My daughter has been to see her pediatrician quite a few times in the last few weeks (pneumonia). She had not been improving like she should and the dr. called to check on her. I told him how she was doing and he said he wanted to see her again and just to come right away. It was his lunchtime so we didn't need an appointment.

Anyway he checked her out and decided he wanted to confer with the pediatric allergist. He told us it might take a little while so be patient. He was gone about ten minutes and then he came back into the room...wearing a mask!

My first thought was oh my god what does Rachel have that he put a mask on?! Well as I said before we were there on his lunch break. While he was waiting for the other dr. to get on the phone , he was sitting at his desk munching on his lunch. Well he said after one bite he realized Oh my gosh I am eating trail mix. He washed his hands very well before returning to the room but he didn't have a toothbrush so he put a mask on since he would be in such close contact with my daughter.

He apologized profusely for having eaten the trail mix. I thanked him for realizing it and taking precautions before returning to the room. My daughter thought it was nice that Dr. Mike was careful around her.

It helped emphasize what we try to teach Rachel. It is ok for other people to eat nuts just they need to wash up before being around you.

I am also happy to report that Rachel has made a full recovery and was even able to return to school today after having missed three weeks!


Posted on: Sun, 06/24/2001 - 12:58am
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Boy it sure is good to see a positive response from someone who obviously "gets it!" Thanks for reminding us that some docs really are good at what they do. [img][/img] We feel very fortunate that we have a great allergist and pulmonologist (sp?) for Brian. I really like that she is less stop for us and I feel she has a more comprehensive approach. I'd say your ped. is a "keeper." Kristi

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