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Hi There,

I myself do not suffer from been allergic to nuts, however my girlfriend does. We are planning to fly to LA from london this summer but we are concerned about nuts on the plane. Does anyone know if Virgin has a not nut policy. Also if they do server nuts is it recomended that you should not travel. How bad can a reaction be to just having nuts in the atmosphere.



On Apr 27, 2000

Hi Simon

I have no experience of flying with them, but I looked up the Virgin Atlantic Website ([url][/url]) and after doing a serach, this is what they say about nut allergies.

Nut allergies Anyone suffering from an allergy to nuts must contact our Special Assistance Department. Due to the nature of air travel we need to assess each passenger on an individual basis to ascertain their suitability for travel. This may include the completion of a form by yourself and signed by your doctor to confirm that the steps we take are sufficient to minimise the risk of reaction

On Apr 28, 2000

Thank you Gwen. I also contacted Virgin and they no longer serve peanuts on the plane except in First Class (Good thing Im not filthy rich then!) They also said that they can provide a nut free meal but cant garuntee that it is nut free....oh well c'est la vie!

My gfriend has flown before but only on short journeys (UK to spain etc) and they served pnuts then and she was ok. The main thing we were concerned about was basically just the lenght of time it takes to get to LA from London (11 hours).

Anyway its booked so fingers crossed.


On Apr 29, 2005

Does anyone have more recent information on Virgin Atlantic? I have emailed them but wonder if any of us here have experience with them? Peg

On Aug 29, 2005

I just got the faxed medical form for DS to fill out for Virgin Atlantic. They say they will serve peanuts in first class.

They have already told me they do not serve peanuts. I cannot believe this one week away from his departure date.

So if I call and make a fuss they won't let him board. I have no clue what to do next. I'll call FAAN in the morning but what can they tell me?


On Aug 29, 2005


On Aug 30, 2005

Hi Peg, so sorry you have to go through this. How stressful. The person at FAAN that I found very helpful about airlines was Terry Furlong. This was a few years ago, around 2000 or 2001. He seemed to be pretty clear about what airlines had what peanut policy, even knew which ones have refused to let pa passengers board. That is who I would call.

On Aug 30, 2005

I can't understand how they can tell me six months ago they don't serve peanuts and today they say they do. I think they are trying to get DS to not fly with them period. Safer all around.

I'm calling FAAN but really what can they say. I'm afraid to call Virgin again in case they refuse to board him.

DS signed the form and it is faxed off today. We have such wonderful cooperation from the University in Scotland I cannot fathom how an airline can do this.

I am way beyond myself now and ready to just give up.


On Aug 30, 2005

Hi Peggy,

That's unfortunate news. [img][/img]

well, on the positve side.......

They don't serve peanuts in economy class. The majority of the passengers will be in economy. I am not sure what type of plane he is flying.. let's assume it is a Boeing 767 (the most common type of plane to cross the Atlantic)

I checked an Air Canada 767-300 layout.. 25 first class seats and 187 economy class seats. So of more than 200 passengers, less than 25 will eat peanuts and they will all be isolated in the first class section. Almost like he is in a movie theatre and a few other patrons are eating peanut snacks.

So he should be fine... I have actually flown on planes that did serve peanuts in the past and I was fine too.

Hope you feel a bit better. Too bad they misled you about the peanuts .. that's one reason I like to fly Air Canada as they don't serve any peanuts.

On Aug 30, 2005

Thanks Erik, I have just dropped the whole thing. This is taking too much out of me and I just don't have the strength any more. My son is 20 and more than ready to take this on himself. After this big trip I am out of the peanut business for awhile.

I am sure he'll be OK. It has been a long ride and I am tired. Erik you are always reassuring and I thank you for that.


On Sep 1, 2005

Virgin were great when we went to disney, they virtually banned all nuts!