Virgin American


Has anyone heard of this new airline? Regulations on peanut allergies? I hoping since it is new they have changed the rules of peanuts on the plane. Lets hope!

On Aug 26, 2007

Their policy isn't great. I wont be flying them any time soon.


On Aug 26, 2007

I wouldnt be flying with them until I saw their policy for Virgin American. They are still a part of the Virgin group but the different virgin airlines around the world seem to have slightly different policies (all seem to be very inflexible when it comes to PA so won't fly with them myself).

Virgin Blue (their Australian airline) has a slightly different policy for allergies than Virgin Atlantic, so its possible that the Virgin American policy may be a little different to the Virgin Atlantic policy (although I wouldn't be holding my breathe that it will be in the PA passangers favor). Virgin Blue requires people with anaphylaxis (so anyone who has to carry an epipen) must fill in a special medical clearance form, which has to be filled in by the passangers doctor and the passanger before they are allowed to fly with the airline. They even go as far to say that if you may not be able to administer the epipen to yourself in the case of an emergency then you must travel with a carer.

[url=""][/url] Heres a link to their Australian policy, they dont seem to have their policy on the Virgin American website.


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On Aug 27, 2007

I flew from Washington DC to London and then on to Hong Kong on Virgin Atlantic without a problem.

Hope this helps anyone who might be considering flying with them.

On Aug 31, 2007

I just flew Virgin America from New York to San Fransisco 2 weeks ago. The flight staff was WONDERFUL!! After I made my reservation online, I called and they noted on my reservation that I have a severe peanut allergy.

Once I got to the airport, I spoke to the staff. They said that they would announce on the plane that no one should eat peanuts because they have someone allergic onboard. And sure enough they did! Right before we were going to take off, the stewardess came to me to make sure that almonds would be ok because they were in a snack pack... if they weren't they were not going to serve them. Since I am only allergic to peanuts, it was fine.

I would def. fly them again... plus, tvs... music... movies... games... very entertaining flight!

On Aug 31, 2007

And since they are a brand new airline, they are doing everything that they can to make sure they make their customers happy!

On Nov 15, 2007

I am getting very nervous about flying on this airline. Since you have can you tell me how their snacks were served and if they served peanuts? I know they have this no cash system and food you can buy on board did you check it out? What was it like? I am thinking of canceling my flight and going to Jet Blue since they don't serve peanuts....What do you think?