Very nice story


Okay, I guess I'm the mad poster today :-)

Anyway, a friend of mine who I haven't seen in a long time just happened to be in town, when I found out about my little guy's potential PA. She told me a very nice story that put a smile on my face.

She works with a professor at a University and the female professor has a PA. There are many formal sit down dinners at this University and so the prof always had to go in and talk with the catering manager to ensure her meal would be totally nut free. Well after doing this for three years, the prof and the catering manager are getting married :-)

Because of her PA she met her future husband...


On Aug 9, 2003

So are you saying if I continue my practice of long discussions with waiters in restaurants, I will one day meet my soul mate? My husband isn't going to like this!! HA!! Cute story. Plus it's nice because now we have one more food service person on "our side"!