VERY Nervous about flying


Well, my DH booked the flights for the whole family to take my DS to college in California. I've started to accept the fact that he is going, but now I'm having anxiety about the plane. Strong anxiety!

Our flight to and from includes 1 stop. We will be in the air for 3 hours, on the ground for 3 hours, then back in the air for 3 hours. The flights are on Delta. Not only am I nervous about flying for myself, but am worried about PA/DD. I will call with all the necessary precautions. This was the least expensive way out. To top it all off, my oldest DS wants to come back on his own before us. Another worry. He's never flown before.

Now I don't feel like I want to go anymore. Don't think I can get on that plane. I haven't flown in over 20 years. DH says, "too bad, can't refund tickets (my PA/DD and mine) once they are purchased." He says it will costs us more if I DON'T go. Great! Would they refund for medical reasons? I was prescribed something pre-flight, but what if it doesn't work?

Does anyone know the sizes of these planes? A MD80, a Boeing 757, and 2 airbuses. I'm thinking if the planes are bigger, I might feel better. I hate those planes with the seats on each side and one aisle down the middle. Not wide enough. I need to know I could get up and walk around if I need to.

Once again, thanks for your help/support.

On Jul 31, 2005

I absolutely *hate* flying, although I am sort of resigned about it once I am on the plane. Bring a REALLY good book -- something with a plot that is really absorbing. (Preferably one with an equally good sequel for the trip home!)

Anyway -- I do like the Airbus layout -- it always seems comfortable. They aren't huge, honestly, but they aren't cramped, either.

You should probably order a box of truffles from Vermont Nutfree for on-board snacking, don't you think??? Chocolate can be *very* soothing... [img][/img]


On Aug 1, 2005

M'smom, thanks! I just found a free online course for those with fear of flying. I haven't taken it yet, but it seems like it might be helpful. It has message boards, too, with people experiencing the same fears.

I also checked out online pictures of the interiors of these planes. My DH thinks I'm crazy (well, I am, 'cause I don't want to fly!). I hate those planes, they don't seem wide enough.

I like the chocolate idea! But, I probably won't be able to eat the whole day because I get air sick too. I'm such a mess! I hope I can do this for my son. I feel like such a wimp.

On Aug 1, 2005

Seating Charts

MD80 - [url=""][/url]

Boeing 757 - [url=""][/url]

You didn't say what type of Airbus you are flying. Since it isjust a local flight, I assume an Airbus 319/320/321? They are a 3 - aisle - 3 seating layout.

There are smaller planes than these.. to Boston, I flew a Bombardier CRJ-200 which was a 2 - aisle - 2 seating layout, so your planes, though not large, are not small either [img][/img]

On Aug 1, 2005

I'm a very fearful flyer. My recent trip from Boston to California was my first flight since 9/11, and I was really really nervous. For the first time, I asked my doctor for medication because my brother, who also hates to fly, just tried it and it helped him a lot. My doctor told me to try it at home first to see if I was ok with the way it made me feel. So even tho I wasn't exactly nervous sitting at home ( [img][/img] ), I did get a sense of how it was going to feel.

Leading up to the trip, I had major pre-flight jitters, plus I wanted to hide it from my kids so they didn't get scared too. Once I got on the plane, I was fine. Almost a relief to finally be getting on with it. I do the relaxation techniques too, and they are very helpful. I was way less nervous for the trip home.

My feeling is that the experience of flying really hasn't changed in twenty years, so don't worry about that. The midsize planes you posted are plenty big to walk around in, and I personally like that size.

The on-line course sounds great. I think you'll learn some techniques that will be really helpful.

I figure we've been through far worse anxiety-provoking situations in life - managing this allergy takes nerves of steel sometimes! You can do it!! [img][/img]

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On Aug 1, 2005

Thanks, Eric! That is helpful!

I also found this picture of the inside of an MD80 series. [url=""][/url]

Thanks, Cooper. I hope I can manage as you did. I am afraid I will freak out. Part of me is upset with DH for just going ahead and booking, knowing how I feel. The other part of me says, "Why can't I do this?" And, if I'm just thrown into it, maybe I'll adjust. My doc gave me something, too. But the anxiety is so strong at this time, I wonder if it will be enough. So, those are my worries: my flight, my PA/DD on the flight, my DS traveling home alone before us, and my son going to college in California. Oh, if life could be more simple! I hope by early September I will look back on all of this and realize how over-reacting I was!

On Aug 1, 2005

You can buy alcohol on the plane if you feel it will help you become more relaxed. Just be careful not to overdo it.

The one thing that would be stressing me out would be that I didn't have a direct flight.

When my hubby went to college in California he did a lot of scenic driving to get to school (from Boston). He had his brother fly out one time and they drove back home together. He said it was one of the most fun times he's ever had. Just a thought.

I'm sure everything will be fine. Just try to take several deep breaths [img][/img]

Edited to add: Linda, if you feel you aren't going to have enough space, either now or when you check in--actually both, you should try to get a bulk-head seat. You won't have any seats in front of you and all of your items will have to go in the over-head bins but these seats will give you a ton of leg space.

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On Aug 1, 2005

Thanks, Emom! Believe me, we had considered driving. I would love it! SO much together time! We usually do drive everywhere to save money (and my unknown fear of flying!!). But, there is a time constraint here.

DH has to start school on Aug. 29 (he's a teacher). DS has to check in on Aug. 31. DS is also going on a cruise from Aug. 7-14. The rest of us don't start school until Sept. 8. DH is going to miss the first week of school and hasn't figured which director he's going to tell yet. If we drove, we'd have to turn right around and start driving back as soon as we got DS to the dorm. DH says this way we get to spend some time moving with DS and help him move in and DS wants me to check out the school so I'll feel better about it.

On Aug 2, 2005

Linda Jo, I am in California. What college is it?

On Aug 2, 2005


Originally posted by Lindajo: [b] . . .

To top it all off, my oldest DS wants to come back on his own before us. Another worry. He's never flown before. [/b]

Well, I can't help you out with the flying fear. I've only had it when I was preggers (4 mos) with DS and decided not to do it. I flew October 2001 and was okay. And I've flown a bit for business in the last 6 years. So I'm no help there.

But as far as your oldest DS flying back on his own, I'd try not to project your fear on to him. If he can grow up without a fear of flying, that will be great.

I've been flying by myself since I was 12. My first trip was actually just so I could fly (and it was my first time flying, too). It took me longer to fly from Odessa, Texas to Amarillo, Texas than it would have been to drive for 5 hours. But a cousin stayed with me during my layover.

Since then, I flew without assistance several times in jr. high and high school, and I was just fine. Now, my parents knew I'd be okay because I'm very rules oriented and do what I'm supposed to do. And I never goofed around. So it worked. And I wasn't scared, and that made it work the most.

So he'd probably be okay. Just don't let on how scared you are for him, and he'll be fine.

On Aug 4, 2005

Carefulmom, where in Cali are you? We are flying into Ontario. The college is an hour east of LA.

On Aug 4, 2005

I`m in L.A. Is it Pomona College?

On Aug 4, 2005

No, its U of Redlands.

We may venture into LA at some point. Are there any restaurants in the area that you could recommend that are PA safe? I did a search near his college and there is a Burger King, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell. All fast-food stuff. I was wondering if there was any safe family-type restaurants. Thanks!

On Aug 4, 2005

Lindajo, Though this isn't exactly family style restaurants, there could be a Baja Fresh in the Redlands area. It's good Mexican food - fresh ingredients, no lard, etc. Last I checked they are PN free - though I ask at each restaurant. Also In N Out Burgers are REALLY good and safe. I'm guessing there's one in Redlands but for some reason, couldn't access their web site.

You'll be fine on your flight. Much safer than driving. Good luck to your son!

On Aug 4, 2005

We do have Baja Fresh all around here. My dd is also allergic to milk, so all restaurant food is out with one exception. That would be PF Changs. They are very cross contamination aware. If you tell them you have food allergies, they take out a brand new wok that has never seen a peanut, milk, etc. They cook it in a separate part of the kitchen. I love that place. We go to the one that is 10 minutes away from L.A. Airport. I don`t know if they have it in Redlands (which is at least 1 1/2 hours from L.A. Airport, I can see why you would want to fly to Ontario). Anyhow, due to the milk allergy, I really don`t know which restaurants are safe for pa. There is too much milk cross contamination at the fast food places for us, but I don`t know about peanut cross contamination, if there is any, or if they even have peanuts at In and Out.

On Aug 4, 2005

Definitely look into In N Out Burger! Limited menu (burgers/ cheeseburgers/ fries/ shakes/ soda/ tea/ lemonade), and very friendly corporate 800 number. Can be very busy, but worth the wait.


On Aug 4, 2005

Thank you for the suggestions! My DS learned of In & Out Burger when he visited earlier. I'm sure we will definitely check it out. We have Baja Fresh around here and it is very good. I will always ask whenever we go to a restaurant but it is nice to have a "heads up" before we go!

Thank you all for your support. I'll be glad when the flight is over but sad my DS won't be returning with us.

On Aug 4, 2005

Lindajo, I am in Redlands every November for a business trip but as I was just diagnosed with PA in February, I haven't had to find safe places to eat in the area - yet. If your son finds a safe restaurant, would you mind posting the information here? I would appreciate it. I'll let you know what I find out too.

There is a Trader Joe's in Redlands. If you aren't familar with TJ's, it's sort of an inexpensive healthy food store. that also has frozen entrees. I'd trust T'Joe's before I would trust most restaurants. They are allergy aware and label for allergens but not consistently for cross-contamination.

On Aug 4, 2005

Lindajo, I have to type fast - there's a big thunderstorm heading my way so have to get offline.

I just called the following restaurant: Applebee's Neighborhood Bar & Grill (909) 335-7372 2046 W Redlands Blvd Redlands, CA 92373

The woman who answered the phone was VERY allergy aware. She checked with the kitchen and told me that they don't use any PN products except for one entree that has a PN sauce - but they are very careful about cross contamination. I said, 'you sound knowledgeable about food allergies'. She told that she also works for Bon Appetit (the food service) for the University of she knows all about PA as there are 4 severely PA students at the school. Did this influence why your son is going there?

From what she told me about Applebees in Redlands, I will eat there.

Hope this helps. Cheers, Adele

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On Aug 5, 2005

Adele, thank you so much for checking that out about Applebees! I really appreciate it. I will check it out when we get there. We have one in our neighborhood and I hadn't been there in years. They didn't have a "no smoking" policy then and I didn't like it. But that was many years ago.

I am aware of Trader Joe's. They are all over the place here. I do like their food if you need to buy something quick at a grocery store.

My DS is not the one with the allergy, thank God! It is my youngest DD. If it was my son, I probably wouldn't of let him even consider going so far away!

Now, I just keep thinking of the "Little train that could" up until we leave! Thanks! I think I can...I think I can.. I think I can....(I hope I can... I hope I can...!)

On Aug 9, 2005

Why does it seem like since DH booked our flights, there has been several programs on TV regarding plane crashes?

The other night I was surfing the channels and the first channel I stopped on had the movie "Airplane". It was a comedy. Not bad. Then I turned the channel and there was a documentary on how to survive an airplane disaster. The next channel had another documentary on a plane crash that happened years ago and what could have been done to avoid it. And yet another channel had footage of the investigation in the toronto crash; and onto a crash in Italy. Geesh! I guess it just wasn't my night!

I know its conincidence, but its really starting to get to me!

On Aug 9, 2005

Lindajo, it's just because you're noticing. I think lots of people have fear of flying, and that's why there's such a media obsession with airplane accidents.

It feels scary, but it's really really really safe. I remember once when we landed, the captain made some comments welcoming us to our destination and he said, "You have just completed the safest part of your journey." After all, we were all probably getting into cars, cabs, and buses next, which are deathtraps compared to planes.

I just flew from Chicago to Korea yesterday. I'm not crazy about flying, but it's so safe. Turn off the TV!!!! Have a great trip!

(And try to take some comfort in the statistics--there was just a plane accident a week ago, so *statistically* it's unlikely there will be another one so soon.)

On Aug 10, 2005

Getting me on a plane is almost like trying to put a cat into a shoebox. Because of my fear of flying, I only see my family (in Idaho) once each ten years. I have been afraid of flying since 1986. I take a low dose of Valium each time I fly which really helps. My necessary flights (to keep the family peace) are usually 14-17 hours long (to Switzerland). Once we're up in the air, I always tell the person sitting next to me that I thought I should tell them that I am afraid of flying. Last time I flew, I was silent from the time I took my seat and for several LONG MINUTES after being in flight. I hesitated to tell the woman next to me because we were leaving Paris and she may not have spoken English. Finally, I said (calmly & quietly?)to her, "I just thought I should let you know that I am TERRIFIED of flying. She said, "I know...I can see you."

On Aug 13, 2005

SandraY...Wow, Chicago to Korea! And I'm worried about Boston to California! We are flying with one stop. I'm trying to decide if it is good to stop and get out and gear up for the next flight, or just get it over with in the 5-6 hours straight. I have no choice at this point, we are flying for 2.5 hours, stopping for 3 and then flying again for 4 hours. On the way way home it's broken up a little more evenly.

I'm trying to get used to it. It's 2 weeks away. I'm taking an online fear of flying course. So far, they haven't told me anything I don't know! We'll see what happens when I finish it.

Geo...I hear ya! I'm so frozen I keep telling my DH, "I can't get on that plane". He told me to change my way of thinking and say "I WILL get on that plane" for our DS. I hope I can!

On Aug 13, 2005

You can!

When my fear of flying was bad, flying with the kids helped me a lot. I didn't want to let them see my fear, so it forced me to control myself. Takeoff and reaching cruising altitude are the worst times for me, and I forced myself to breathe deep, talk to my kids, look out the window with them, and pretend I was enjoying myself. I didn't want to pass my fear to them. By pretending I wasn't afraid, it helped me train myself not to be afraid, if that makes any sense.

I'm still not crazy about flying, even though I have to do it quite a bit. But at least I can get on a plane now without it being a big production. I always carry Xanax with me, even though I've never used it. Just knowing I have it seems to help, strangely enough.

On Aug 14, 2005

OK, Lindajo, keep that TV turned off.

On Aug 14, 2005

You're OK now Lindajo. Plane crashes happen in threes....and the latest (Greece) was #3.

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On Aug 14, 2005

Ok, I took your advice and kept the TV off! What plane crash in Greece? I seriously didn't hear about that one. Good thing! But now my curiosity is up, I'll have to stop myself from investigating!!

Thanks everyone!

On Aug 16, 2005

Ok, what's going on? Another plane crash in Venezuela. No survivors. The pilot reports 2 engine failure 10 minutes before he went down. I thought they were supposed to double check that stuff BEFORE they take off. Are the airlines getting callous? This is NOT helping me!

Here is the link: [url=""][/url]

Again, it seems like there are more now that I have a flight booked in less than 2 weeks than before.

On Aug 16, 2005

Hi Lindajo, I heard the news about the A/C in Venezuela and thought of you....

I know this is probably of little comfort to you but remember that at any given time there are THOUSANDS of aircraft in the air all over the world - having uneventful, SAFE flights.

On Aug 16, 2005

Lindajo, I was thinking about you on Sunday. I just returned from my Las Vegas trip and saw the news and then this morning saw the latest accident.

Just hang in there. You'll be just fine. If you think it would help you, maybe you should get a prescription from your doctor for something to help relax you while on the plane.

On Aug 16, 2005


Originally posted by Carefulmom: [b]I`m in L.A. Is it Pomona College?[/b]

This is where my dh went to college [img][/img] Absolutely beautiful campus!

On Aug 16, 2005

What's amazing is all these tiny airlines nobody ever heard of operating out of developing countries and, still, accidents are RARE.

Also, once the media starts covering air disasters, they will fixate on every single emergency landing, evasive maneuver, and strong turbulence. I have a feeling all reporters are secretly fearful flyers, and that's why they obsess over these smaller incidents. So I recommend not watching the news, because I think we are in for major coverage of minor air travel glitches for the next few weeks.

On Aug 16, 2005

Lindajo, I've thought about you the last couple of days, too.

But what's this--you're supposed to be swearing off ALL forms of media--which includes us I guess if we actually bring up any crases--but I believe you did, right?

You'll be fine. Absolutely fine. But just turn everything off, okay? And this from a certified NPR junkie . . . .

On Aug 18, 2005

Lindajo, I'll be off the board for a little bit and I think your trip is coming up. So, I just wanted to wish you a safe, comfortable trip. It's a great thing you're doing! I'll look forward to your posts when you get back.

On Aug 18, 2005

Once again, thank you all for your support and encouragement! It really helps! I'm still nervous and my dr. gave me a Rx for Xanax and one for Ativan. Also told me to get those wrist bands for the air sickness and I can mix the above meds with dramamine if I have to. She told me to start taking the Rx a few days before to "season" me! (Why does everything always refer to food!!!?)

I haven't been watching the news or hearing about anything air related recently either! I joined a message board for people who are feeling the same way I am, too.

Cooper...thank you! I hope in a few weeks I can look back on all of this and laugh about how silly I've been! My son really wants me to go and I think its his way of "separating" from us to have us all there with him. After this trip, I'll be looking forward to Thanksgiving when he'll be home. I guess I shouldn't rush God's time, tho.

I'll let you know how it went when I get back. If you hear/think of anything in the meantime, let me know!!

On Aug 19, 2005

Ok, I have my Ativan (for anxiety), less- drowsy Dramamine, wrist bands and some ginger snaps (for air sickness), and some gum. Is this overkill?!!!

The dr said I could take dramamine and the ativan w/o any problems. The pharmacist said it would make me very groggy. I don't want to feel doped up. Any suggestions?

Also, those of you who have flown with your kids, (say about 10 yo), did they get air sick? I hope my DD doesn't.


On Aug 19, 2005

Lindajo, I was a flt. attendant for almost 8 years. Only ONCE in all of that time, did someone hand me a 'used' airsick bag.....and I've flown in major turbulance.

On Aug 20, 2005

Hi Adele...I know I get airsick, it's happened before. I got sick 4 times in flight and once again when we landed. So, I know what I'm up against here! I'm just trying to prepare so it doesn't happen.

On Aug 20, 2005

Was that YOU that handed me the airsick bag? [img][/img]

I get deathly carsick so can sympathize. Does it only happen when it's turbulant? Any chance it's from being scared?

When is the big day?

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On Aug 20, 2005

Don't know if it was me or not, this happened over 20 years ago! I tend to use the bathroom. We were flying from Boston to Florida and we were taxiing down the runway and I had to get up and run to the bathroom. Then it happened a few more times in the air and once when we landed. Everybody was heading for the exits and I was heading for the bathroom AGAIN! I'm not sure what its from. I get dizzy and then it just sprials from there.

Boats are the same way! While DH and I were dating, he took me deep-sea fishing! I had never been on a boat before and thought it was fascinating. Yeah, right! Sitting out there in the middle of the ocean with smelly bait all around me, not a pretty sight. I tried to slip the captain $20 to take me back but he wouldn't. I couldn't even think of fishing or look at a fish at that point! That was the worst 4 hours I ever spent! (I can't believe he still married me!)

The big day is 1 week from tomorrow. [img][/img]

On Aug 23, 2005

Ok, this is not good. We took a test run to the airport so we would know exactly where to go on Sunday It's 1 hour away. Because it was very late in the evening, the place looked deserted. We wanted to print our tickets so I got out to see if anyone was at the counter. My legs were like jelly and I felt very trapped, sick to my stomach and got a headache. The whole place looked like a blurr to me. [img][/img] No one was even there! I came home and took my Ativan.

I really don't think I can do this. I don't know what it is that is holding me back, but its very strong. DH is no help here. Not very supportive or encouraging, almost annoyed. Everyone tells me don't worry, you can do this. But, I don't think I can because I really don't want to. I know its for DS but it is his choice to go there. As long as he has my support why do I have to go? I really wish I just let DH and DS go. [img][/img]

On Aug 23, 2005

Lindajo I understand the feeling. IT sounds like a real phobia to me.

The problem is how awful you will feel if you don't go? Maybe worse than if you did go.

Decide and realize your son will love you anyway.


On Aug 23, 2005

I'm really sorry this is so hard for you. It must be a terrible feeling.

Does the anti-anxiety medication help at all? Maybe you could start taking it the day before?

I hope you can figure something out. Sorry your husband is not sympathetic, but I think non-phobic people have a hard time understanding. Good luck.

On Aug 24, 2005

I am going back and forth with this. Its sounding like a broken record. I can't wait for it to be over. But then, if he stays there for the 4 years, I'll have to worry about it again when he graduates!

I know if I choose not to go, the minute their plane takes off, I'll probably regret not going. I just wish I knew how to get on that plane without all this anxiety. My son said he understands, but he really wishes I would just suck it up and go. Its his way of spending more time with us. If I pull my ticket, I would pull my PA DDs as well. She's already told me I'm being unfair. I'm getting grief from everyone.

I'm not sure if the Ativan works. I think it does, because there are some brief (very brief!) moments after I take it that I feel like I can do it, then that quickly goes away. Its a wierd feeling. I get sick to my stomach and feel very anxious. Almost frozen with fear. I try not to think about it.

Thank you for your support and helping me get through this.

On Aug 25, 2005

No brilliant solutions, but just wanted to send a hug your way.

Try and get some sleep?

Either way, you'll feel better about the decision if you aren't exhausted. [img][/img]


(Pushing bedtime here, too, but we just got HGTV tonight. Kitchen chores are *much* more fun if I can watch someone else doing demolition/strenous renovation projects while I'm scrubbing veggies!!!)

On Aug 25, 2005

No comparison here but...... since I have had children I have found it necessary to confront almost every single one of my fears in order to get something done for them or to just get by in everyday life.

Now that your son has indicated he wants you to come and it sounds like he'll see it as a failure if you don't then you need to do something.

This is also your daughter's chance to be successful with her PA on a plane. A very big step.

Have you spoken to your doctor? Is there a bigger dose of Ativan you can take for the flight? And still be there if your daughter (PA) needs you?

And then you have 4 years to work on the problem so please do not let graduation muddy up your thinking or your son will NOT thank you for 4 years of angst about an event so far in the future. In 4 years you can be FLYING the plane to California there is so much time to get over the fear.

Remember this is your son's time. And you want his memory of his first day at college to be a wonderful one not one where he had to take care of his mother. He will laugh as you cry saying goodbye to him, he'll think that is endearing but if you make a fuss over the plane sooner or later he's going to get really annoyed.

This sounds kind of harsh and I am sorry. You have a whole lot more of this ahead of you and this might be the time to get it done.

This is for your son.


On Sep 6, 2005

What happen??

On Sep 6, 2005

Yes LIndajo, we're waiting to hear from you. Safe trip and a fabulous time??

On Sep 6, 2005

I'm baaaack! Well, leaving my son 3000 miles away at college has been the hardest thing to date that I have had to do. I've been crying since we left him on Saturday. And as we flew over the mountains surrounding the college, the tears just flowed. I haven't stopped since. I'm already counting the days 'til he comes home for Thanksgiving! 78 and counting!

Anyway, the college is beautiful! The opening ceremony made me cry as bagpipes played as the new freshmen entered the chapel. The weather is superb! I actually miss being there. He seems to be having a good time. At one point I told him, "Ok, you've had your fun, now let's go home!" I got to see his dorm and the surrounding areas so that now when we talk I can actually picture him in my mind. That helps. We saw a house for sale across the street from the campus and told my son we were buying it (not really!). His response? "Noooooo Way!"

We had 4 flights. The first leg of the trip was in the air for about 2.5 hours. I don't think the pilot knew how to fly. His take-off seemed to go straight up and made my head feel like it was going to explode. Upon landing, he didn't seem to come down gradually but in big leaps. My PA DD and I got off the plane and vowed we weren't going to go further. But, of course, we did 'cause I didn't want to be stuck in Atlanta. I popped another Ativan and boarded the plane. This plane was much smoother. I didn't even know we had landed.

Coming home, our flight to Minneapolis got cancelled due to weather so that threw off our whole schedule. They had rebooked us for the red eye to arrive the next morning. We didn't want to do that so I argued with the ticket lady and got us on another flight stopping in Salt Lake City. (That arugment flagged us to get pat-searched!) I have to say, this flight was the WORST! Even my older DD came off the plane in tears. We felt like we were on a roller coaster. Swooping up and down and landing very hard, I had to prop my feet against the seat in front of me! Pop another Ativan!

The next flight was superb! It was the best for PA! They made an announcement to refrain from eating any brought on peanut snacks and told the passengers they were not going to serve any peanuts of any kind. Then the flight attendant came to our seats and wiped down everything surrounding my DD. We were so happy! The previous flights were well handled as well, but not peanut free. One time we sat in the back of the plane and they served only to the front portion. Another flight, they didn't serve peanuts 6 rows in front and 6 rows behind us on each side of the plane. Only 1 person complained, but the flight attendant handled it very well and offered him alternatives.

All in all, I made it home. I was so happy to finally land at home that when I stepped off the curb, I tripped and fell to the ground. My DH said "Boy, you sure are happy you're off that plane aren't you?!!" We all laughed. Will I do it again? Maybe.

Thank you all for your support! I really appreciated it and I felt like I had a lot of people all over keeping us in their prayers for a safe journey!

On Sep 6, 2005

Lindajo, Congratulations and good for you! I knew you could do it! I'm sorry you had such lousy flights, but you made it. The things we do for our kids. As far as the crying, well my boys are 7 and 9 and the thought of them eventually leaving for college makes me want to cry right now!

Hang in there! You did great [img][/img]

On Sep 6, 2005

Lindajo, Good for you! So glad you made the decision to go. It's so hard when a child leaves home.... Do you feel any better about flying?

On Sep 6, 2005

Thanks! As far as flying goes, I don't think I'm going to do it any time soon unless I really have to! That's probably a wrong way to think 'cause the more you do it, the better "conditioned" you get. I don't think I could've done it without the Ativan. But, if my son needed me, I would go, white-knuckled all the way.

Now my worry is every time he has to come home and go back...78 days....!

On Sep 6, 2005

I'm so glad you decided to go and everything was fine. No airsickness, either? The flights didn't sound too smooth, that's for sure.

I hope your son has a wonderful first semester.

Good going!! [img][/img] [img][/img]

On Sep 7, 2005

cooper...I didn't get air sick (thank goodness!). I think it was probably from the Ativan and I also used those sea bands that you put on your wrist to stop motion sickness. On our way to CA, my DD felt some of the motion, so I bought her the bands too and they really seemed to help. After the flight from Salt Lake City, my older DD had to take Dramamine before continuing on.

It sounds like my son is having a great time at college so far. I can't believe its already been a week he's been there! Still counting the days!