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please help!! i have a 3and a half year old girl, devyn. very upset with allergist. was tested a month and 11 days ago. docotor says she has a small allergy to peanuts and corn, so take her off of these product for three weeks, and then put her back on, and see what happens, never giving me any info, or informing me, that these ingrediants, are in everything!! I have yet to receive documentation through the mail, on her readouts of the test results. today i calleed very upset, and they are being sent to me. I did what he said and took her off everything, and then put her back on everyting. These are test results received over the phone today if anyone can help me i would appreciate it. I can not get into Texas Childrens until august 15. here is what she, the nurse told me.

Peanut 6/17 this is mill.

Corn 7/16 this is mill.

this was done on the back it was not the rast test. the nurse said this is a fairly large reaction.

also positive controls for multi test 6/15

I am so confused, if anyone can give me any info, I would appreciate it!!!

Devyn's mom Melissa

On Jul 19, 2002

It's terrible that your daughter's doctor is taking this matter so lightly. Has your daughter reacted to peanuts before? If so, what was her reaction? My understanding is that skin tests are not actually all that accurate. Also, corn is not supposed to be a very common food to be allergic to (contrary to popular opinion) - although anyone can be allergic to anything. My advice is to totally keep her off of peanuts until she is seen by the specialist next month. If you feel comfortable trying corn with her, I would say go ahead, unless she has had a clear reaction to it. Best of luck. With an allergist like that no wonder you are confused! Miriam