Very Bad Dream


I have no idea where this came from, but I had a horrible dream last night. I dreamed that I was in a mall and there was this huge avalanche of snow. There was no way out of the mall. There were bad gangs of people there controlling the few stores with food supplies. I managed to get into on of the stores and was with my Dad and brother - everyone was very weak and hungry (guess we had been there awhile) and my brother and dad wanted to eat PB to survive. I left the shop so they could eat the PB, get the protien and hopefully live. I wandered around the mall ran into my DH's Aunt and cousins, tried to call my mom and could not get an answer - which in the dream was VERY VERY bad. I woke up hysterically crying and am still upset.

I understood why they would want to eat PB, but they just let me leave and then to top it off my mom is unreachable which I interpretted as dead in the dream. UGH.

On Jan 20, 2003

i have had similar dreams (and even just overly imaginative thoughts some times) about the food supply being gone and the only thing available to eat is peanuts in some form. in the dreams i'm having to decide whether or not to feed it to my PA girls in order to keep them alive; not knowing if it will help them or kill them in that situation. strange, i know. i guess we even take these worries to sleep with us sometimes. joey

On Jan 20, 2003

MaryM -

We actually *lived* that scenario two (three?) years ago. We were stranded at the Buffalo airport, with eight feet of snow, and no way out. I'd made the trip there with enough safe food to feed an army. For the return, I only packed what M and I would need for a one day trip. We were stuck there for two and a half days, and had three quarters of a day's travel after that (got a flight partway home, slept over, then travelled the next day). I was able to feed him (at not-quite three) my share of the food, and found some bananas to fill in with -- but it was horribly scary. If he'd had a reaction, we had absolutely no emergency medical resources -- ambulances couldn't have even made it to the airport for us. All I could think of was all the safe food I'd left behind at my parents' house, rather than lugging it along. It wasn't even snowing when we left for the airport. I have never been more thankful to finally get home.

I'm sorry about your dream -- that sort of thing can leave you pretty shaken.


On Jan 20, 2003

MaryM., I'm so sorry to hear about your dream. I think I may have raised a question under Living with PA also about how many of us have dreams or nightmares about PA. I haven't had one in a long time that I can remember.

When I had a dream where there was a death and I was extremely upset (so, your Mother being unreachable), I was told that death in a dream actually means birth - that there will be a birth in the family. I'm not sure if this is true or not because I don't know anything about dream interpretation but I know that it made me feel better at the time.

I'll try to find that other thread for you to see if it makes you feel any better and eases your sleep a bit. Believe me, I think we've all been there. [img][/img] [img][/img]

Best wishes! [img][/img]


On Jan 20, 2003

Joey, Sue and Cindy,

Thank you for your responses. Never had a PA dream before - have had the allergy for years. Very odd. I had a very busy weekend and think that perhaps it was caused b/c of I was so tired. Who knows the whole other part of the dream - family letting me leave so they could eat the PB and perhaps a death could just be homesickness - I don't feel homesick, but when I got married I moved away from my family...who knows! Cindy, I like the idea about a birth coming up, who in my family would be pregnant I don't know - not me for sure - but it would be nice!

On Jan 20, 2003

Last night I dreamt that I was making a peanut butter and Nutella sandwhich for my son (his favorite)...I accidentally licked the knife and went into full blown anaphylaxis...and he didn't know what to do.

Not a pleasant dream.

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