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Posted on: Fri, 06/08/2007 - 1:21pm
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My son has survived one awful (for the most part) year of preschool!!!! Yay !!!!

May day festival - teacher forgets to declare it nut free and since it is a pot luck with the other K, I keep son home. She feels bad and promises to be better next year.

Last day of school barbecue -- she forgets again!! I do remind her and she grabs down sign ups and the next day there is a large and colorful sign on both suign-ups for food saying: PLEASE No nuts or nut products to ensure the safety of all the children. I thought the "all children" was nice and gracious.

So to overcompensate -- I bring pies, cookies, cupcakes and gluten free cookies as well, to feed 40.

So of course, what is on the table but a huge cake covered with walnuts and muffins with nuts as well.

The mom who baked the nut cake is busilly cutting it --- she ignores me as I try to ask her to be cautious with the knife, etc. She does not listen to me -- brushes me off. So what to do? I go tell on her. I get the teacher!! Well the teacher, bless her makes her put it away. and gets rid of the muffins too. shew. Then someone begins talking about peanuts. I turn around and ask there is peanuts in that?? These two moms from the other K yell at me WE did Not say peanut!!! as rude as they can.

Top it off -- there is another nut allergic child there and her mom snubs me !!! She kept it secret! None of the the moms knew last year that little XX had a nut allergy. She says "all I've ever seen is a rash" however, he carries EpiPen.

I feel catapulted me into a surreal universe.

What is it that does not compute with people when it comes to one party one day NO NUTS??????????

ps. my kid ate veggies and corn --and my plentiful supply of goodies. No complex dishes.

pps. Maybe the other denial-case mom is right. Is trying to create a safe environment worth it or should our kids just walk through the minefield or stay home.

Posted on: Fri, 06/08/2007 - 1:34pm
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I just don't get these "it's only a mild PA" folks. Really. I've a couple of them in my life, and I wouldn't want their child to have a bad reaction for anything--I just want them to take things seriously.
Good for you that the year is over, though. At least the teacher was trying to be helpful some of the time.

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