Vanilla extract and flour ?


I'm going to make some homemade non-chocolate chip cookies...

What brand of vanilla extract do you trust/use? What brand sugar? And flour?

On Jul 21, 2007

I use mccormick's vanilla, domino sugar and gold medal flour.

I also use homemade vanilla. I make it with vanilla beans from Penzeys and smirnoff vodka.

and also, when I buy flour, sugar, etc-I make sure the bag has not been cut into. Sometimes the stockers cut open a box of stuff and accidentally cut into a box or bag inside. I always wonder where the knife has been (maybe opening up a nut product?). I bought some flour once that had a small cut and I took it back-they couldn't understand why I thought that was a concern. I now check carefully every time.

On Jul 21, 2007

I use the same McCormick, Gold Medal unbleached all purpose flour and Domino's sugar reg and conf. I check the bags and packages too.

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On Jul 21, 2007

mccormicks vanilla c&h sugar gold medal flour

On Jul 21, 2007

Wow - can someone explain how to make homemade vanilla extract? We love Penzey's spices.

On Jul 22, 2007

I believe it's just vanilla pod soaked in alcohol and strained. I've never made it though.

We do make vanilla sugar where you just place open vanilla pods in the sugar container. Has the same flavor effect without the alcohol.

On Jul 22, 2007

Here's a blog post I did about how I make the vanilla. This is our 2nd bottle. I haven't used it yet and don't want to on travel food for the first time so we're using McCormicks right now (I bought a bottle because I waited too long to start this batch and we ran out of the old stuff). [url=""][/url]

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On Jul 22, 2007

GFS (Gordon Food Service) also carries their own label of vanilla extract which is safe; much cheaper way to go if you do a lot of baking. King Arthur flours are safe and Swan's Down cake flour -- if you want to mix a pastry flour instead of AP for cookies.