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Valentines Day Party - Note sent home, didnt see any reminder ...

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My dd came home today with her weeks worth of stuff that she does in school, along with a note saying that they will have a small valentines party on valentines day. It then went on to ask if parents were willing to bake something, contribute a food item, provide drinks or provide paper plates and/or cups.

Now granted, the child with PA is in 1st grade and not in my daughters class, but I am assuming that this notice went out to everybody, and that its not just Kindergarten having the party.

Shouldnt there have been some sort of PA reminder? and I distinctly remember the school saying (at the beginning of the year) that there would be no baked goods allowed at parties due to the cross contamination risk, only items with lables marked clearly.


Should I say something to the principal? (her and I have become somewhat friendly) or let "J" handle it? (J=TheMom)

Advice please!


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On Jan 28, 2005

Lisa, maybe check with the mom of the PA child first and make sure that her child's class didn't get a more specific memo. I know in our school each grade gets a weekly memo, but the individual teachers add their own notations to it (ex: our teacher always notes if there is going to be a birthday celebrated in class.)

On Feb 20, 2005

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