Valentine\'s Day Parties

Posted on: Mon, 01/22/2007 - 6:06am
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Valentine's Day parties coming up for 2 ds's (kindergarten and preschool). I need to bake a safe treat for each class...any special or fun ideas? So far I've done sugar cookies but valentines day doesn't seems to leave much room for creativity!

Also, any fun and safe activities and/or themes for the kindergarten crowd? I am involved in planning and want to make sure I have an alternative suggestion when they suggest crafts or games involving more food!


Posted on: Mon, 01/22/2007 - 6:20am
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cute ideas are here:
you can't get ideas from this link on the internet, but you can see what is in this month's issue. You can buy the issue at Michael's craft store.

Posted on: Mon, 01/22/2007 - 6:28am
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I've done raspberry-filled "tartlets" for Valentine's Day.
You make regular sugar cookies with the standard recipe but in pairs (to sandwich the filling, which can be any kind of fruit preserve you like)... then cut a smaller shape (a heart would be ideal) out of the top one.
Fill only once the cookies have totally cooled, then dust with powdered sugar.
They are very sweet. I've done them with ginger cookies and lemon filling, too-- which adults seem to love.
Thumbprint cookies are always a hit with kids, too. The other thing you could do is mini-cupcakes with cinnamon imperials on top. (Or berry flavored Mike-n-Ikes) For general 'winter' celebrations, we've done minicupcakes with mini-marshmallow "snowmen" on top of each white-iced cupcake. Maybe you can come up with some other suitable "mini" theme like that. Fruit leather hearts or something like that? Or you could cut your own heart stencil out of cardboard and "stencil" each cupcake with pink/red sugar.
Thumb-print art. Great for little kids-- this way, all you need is paper, a pink/red stamp pad with washable ink, a few wipes, and a few black ball-points to draw in details. (Make a thumb-print and draw on ears and whiskers to make it a "critter.") This is "real" art that little kids can be proud of with Mom and Dad-- who are generally VERY appreciative of such things. They also make adorable cards when done on heavier paper/cardstock.
Another idea-- crayon rubbing "surprises." Cut out seasonal shapes and set them down on a table that you then cover with paper (and tape down-- no peeking!). Then let them use the flat side of seasonally-colored crayons to "rub" the paper and produce an image. You can use such paper rubbings as giftwrap, too.
Picture frames are ALWAYS a hit, it seems. Popsicle sticks, anyone?
Simple origami? Probably a little much for PreK, but the K kids can do this.
Crayon-shaving stained glass.... can ALWAYS be made into whatever shape you need. You can also use bits of tissue paper on "sticky mats" to do collage. I like clear contact paper. Then you just back it with a second bit, and cut out your shape.
You can play with bilateral symmetry at Valentine's Day, too-- making "mirror image/inkblot" art in heart shapes, since you can fold them in half along the center. If you aren't afraid of paint, that is. I am. [img][/img]
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