Valentine\'s candy


I already received an e-mail from DS's teacher asking for safe Valentine's candy. The only one I think is safe that I have seen is the Tootsie Roll suckers. Anyone know of any other safe candy?



On Jan 9, 2006

I saw some SweetTart Hearts yesterday. I assume they are safe, as regular SweetTarts are.

On Jan 9, 2006

Hi there, I too bought sweet tarts. Also I bought kit kat bites in the bag and Hershey has a limited edition Hershey Bar that is mint right now,....looks yummy and safe!

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On Jan 9, 2006

There are Hershey's kisses, if you consider them safe. The last I checked Necco's website, their conversation heats were safe (I would check again, though). I assume you looking for something mainstream and easy to find, rather than, say VNF.

On Jan 9, 2006

Hershey Kisses, I will avoid, arent there ones with nuts in them? The hugs? I dont eat anything Hershey at all, or anything M&M. Any company that makes peanut products AND peanut free in the same place, I dont eat um, and neither do my kids. I dont need that candy anyway.

I checked Necco's site, they make Clark bars which are PEANUT BUTTER CRUNCH.

Here are some candy places that are safe for peanut allergy kids, and women who want boxes of chocolates.

DUm Dum lollipops ( by Spangler) they're lollipops are NOT made on the same machines as the choclates that contain peanuts, their candy canes are safe also). SAF-T-POPS ( also made by spangler. I also read this on this website, on a diffrent thread......

I emailed Tootsie Roll Co & goth teh following response: We are pleased to be able to inform you that, at this time, to the very best of our knowledge, all of our confections are peanut and nut product free. (including all Charms lollipops)

Also on this web site, and in another thread.......

Les Chocolates Vadeboncoeur (made in Quebec). On the box, it states made in a "NUT-FREE FACTORY". It is great that so many companies in Canada are printing "NUT FREE" on the packaging (ie: Nestle Canada, Chapmans, etc).

There is a box with 50 pieces of Halloween chocolates (500 gram size) at Shopper's made by Les Chocolates Vadeboncoeur. It is another good choice in order to support nut-free manufacturers.

Another thread ......

I'm just bringing this manufacturer back up because I just came back from my local drug store and they had a whole shelf of SAFE EASTER bunnies from Vadeboncoeur in Quebec. The tollfree phone number is 1-800-276-8504.


Kellie's Candies Nut Free Confections

No Nutz

Hope this helps............


On Jan 9, 2006


Originally posted by palofmine: [b]Les Chocolates Vadeboncoeur (made in Quebec). On the box, it states made in a "NUT-FREE FACTORY". It is great that so many companies in Canada are printing "NUT FREE" on the packaging (ie: Nestle Canada, Chapmans, etc).[/b]

I agree.. Les Chocolates Vadeboncoeur is a great choice.. nut-free facilities and very tasty chocolate..

Nestle has peanut free heart shaped boxes filled with Aero and Smarties.

Comet Confectionary has lots of peanut-free chocolate hearts, etc...

Dare makes peanut-free heart shaped gummy candies and cinnamon hearts too.

** always check labels to be safe **

On Jan 9, 2006

We usually get the bags of Brach's convo hearts, the past few years I have called on them and they have said "no shared lines" for this candy. I will probably have to check again this year though just to be safe. Also US smarties are safe, they make a cute heart shape conversation heart roll that's cute. Hershey's kissables and kisses. Starbursts, skittles come to mind. I will have to peruse the Valentine aisle to refresh my memory!!


On Jan 10, 2006

Just Born makes Peeps in pink hearts for Valentines Day.

On Jan 29, 2007

Here is the response I received from Necco candy today:

Thank you for your interest in our candies. Conversation Hearts are all made on dedicated lines and do not contain any nuts or nut derivatives. We do however recommend that if your child has severe allergies that you do not allow him/her to have the small cellophane pouches as these are packaged in numerous areas of the facility. We take every precaution to insure that the lines are free of any allergenic materials but this particular packaging configuration is the riskiest. The best option is the 1 oz boxes that are available almost anywhere and the loosely packed candies in bags.

And these are our other Candies that do not contain Peanuts Or Tree Nuts.

Necco Wafers, Conversation Hearts, Canada Mints, Gummie Coins ( Cherry & Cinnamon ), Juju raisin, Candy Buttons,

And Stinky Feet ( Sour Apple & Cinnamon ).

Sincerely, Theresa Denis Consumer Correspondent

On Jan 29, 2007

I also called Brach's today regarding the conversation candy hearts. The number I called is 1-800-283-6303.

I was told that the large and small hearts are being made in a peanut free, tree nut free, egg free, dairy free plant in Argentina. She seemed well informed (but who knows?!?)

On Jan 29, 2007

There are red, heart-shaped lollipops from Charms. Hershey's has heart-shaped York Peppermint Patties this year, both in a large bag and in a small, heart-shaped box. And most of the usual things that come out at Halloween are out there in Valentine bags of individual portions to be put on kids' Valentines at school: Twizzlers, Nerds, Skittles. There looked like lots of choices when I've looked quickly at the grocery store.

On Jan 29, 2007

Kmart this past weekend had a box of combo valentines cards and dum dum lollipops- had the allergen statement on the back indicating no nuts in product.