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Posted on: Thu, 06/22/2000 - 11:10pm
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pAndreaM, wow, never thought of that. I believe antibiotics should be used very sparingly. I do not treat ear infections with antibiotics, and my pediatrician supports my choice. (The other doc in the practice lectures me, but he's an idiot in general and that's another story.) Ben was on antibiotics a few times before I stopped using them for ear infections, and once he was on them for pnuemonia. I wouldn't say he was on them a lot. My daugther has been on them less. She has not been tested, but I suspect is not PA. She likes nuts and peanuts (we don't give them to her anymore though.) Ben never liked any of them. I seems to me that these kids are born with a predisposition to allergy (as evidenced by the eczema) and maybe antibiotics or vaccines help trigger them (or maybe not.) It would be an interesting point to research./p
pjdickson6, as for vaccines and the question of what to do. My friends who vaccinate sparingly, don't do any vaccines until a year old. If I had another child, I would probably wait, although as I said before, whooping cough is the one that scares me. My advice to anyone is to research all the vaccines, and make a decision for each one independently, and for your child. A child in child care is different than one at home. I can make sure that no one passes a live polio infection from one dirty diaper to my child, (they don't even give the live vaccine anymore) but I couldn't be sure of that in a day care setting. And this thing with asthma and chickenpox is another thing to consider for each individual child./p
pAs for chickenpox, my son (mild eczema, mild occasional wheezing, maybe some hayfever) had chickenpox at age 3. It was not at all severe, no big deal at all. I'm glad both my kids caught it. I didn't want to vaccinate./p

Posted on: Fri, 06/23/2000 - 4:22am
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pChicken pox is a respiratory illness in sick children. I am not sure what the manifestations. If a doctor has recommended the vaccination because of asthma he must feel the pox could attack the restpiratory system and make it more difficult to manage the asthma. I just want to clarify what I said earlier about my decision to hold vaccinations for my son. I held them because he was already very sick. I did not want to have a shot and have him get a side effect that would set him back. He was already in isolation because you cannot go far when you baby is hooked up to a monitor and feeding tube. I am not in full support of anyone who chooses not to vaccinate shcool children. The public does have a right to protect itself./p

Posted on: Fri, 06/23/2000 - 4:46am
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pMy PA daughter who is 5 has been on antibiotics I think maybe 2 times in her life. I truly do not think there is any connection between her vaccinations and her allergies. I did eat a LOT of peanut butter during my pregnancy as I had gestational diabetes and am a vegetarian and the nutrionist at the hospital recommended I eat peanut butter for protein.br /
I think there is more of a connection to my eating pb during pregnancy to her allergy of peanuts./p
pI think the issues of whether vaccinations trigger or promote allergies (by causing the body to have to fight normally innocent substances like peanuts instead of diseases) and the issue of whether antibiotics trigger allergies are two seperate ones. I am curious as to what would make you think antibiotics would trigger allergies? Is it the substances it is made of that has you concerned?/p

Posted on: Fri, 06/23/2000 - 11:15am
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pAJA-- you stated that/p
p"...there have been reported cases of death and severe mental retardation or health problems because of the vaccines."/p
pWhat vaccines are you referring to? Other than the "live polio vaccine" (which they don't give to infants anymore) that had caused a couple of cases of polio, I don't know of any other vaccines that could cause problems. I'm interested in knowing which vaccines are an issue./p
pAs far as the peanut allergy theory goes, I believe and have also heard (as many parents already stated) that there are more peanut allergies in today's world due to the pesticides used and also with soil issues. I've also heard something about the fungus on the peanuts--but this may also have something to do with pesticides--not sure. Maybe pesticide companies could better answer this issue. /p
pObviously, something has changed with the way peanuts are grown. It seems within the past 15 years that people/children being allergic to peanuts has drastically increased./p

Posted on: Fri, 06/23/2000 - 11:58am
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pAnother theory to the rise in allergies is that with the lack of diseases to fight, and the relative cleanliness of our food supply (few parasites, etc.), our immune systems don't have enough to do and end up attacking innocuous things like peanut proteins./p

Posted on: Fri, 06/23/2000 - 10:14pm
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pYes, I've heard that MEW. SOmetimes I wonder....has anyone seen The Insider? Maybe peanut growers/manufacturers know more than their telling us and they're hiding the info. so they don't go under??? (I also saw Conspiracy Theory...LOL)/p

Posted on: Sat, 06/24/2000 - 1:26am
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pYou know what? I had to laugh at the conspiracy theory. We are all going crazy trying to figure out what has caused this, is it vacines, is it eating pb while pregnant,is it antiobiotics, soap, or maybe it's because we drive in cars! (that's a joke) who knows and really can we change the fact that our kids or we have this - NO, NO, NO we can't. Why don't we just learn to live with it and stop trying to solve a mystery. Vacines are important for our kids I sure as hell wouldn't want my daughter to get polio or the mumps or any of the other DISEASES that those vacines are for. I put DISEASES in caps because that's what those are, and well being allergic to peanuts is not a disease it's an adaptation of the foods we eat and the foods we give our kids - that's all. So don't give and don't try to give them anything with peanuts and life will be good.... Shirley/p

Posted on: Sat, 06/24/2000 - 1:59am
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pIt is true that no one can change the fact that our kids have this allergy. But, it is important to try to find out what contributes to it so other people's kids and kids that we may have later don't have to deal with it. I think staying away from peanuts while pregnant and nursing, for example, is important. And I disagree about the vaccines. I would rather my child get measles or mumps (though not polio), which used to be common childhood diseases, and for most kids were no big deal, than have a life threatening allergy forever. I don't think vaccines are a big factor, but if I ever found out they were, I would not vaccinate until a child was school-age./p

Posted on: Sat, 06/24/2000 - 5:57am
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pI have looked at the rest of this web site and all the answers anyone wants answered are there - go to the Link page. All the scientific answers are there./p

Posted on: Sat, 06/24/2000 - 9:18am
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pAll three of my kids were vaccinated. All three of my kids also received the chicken pox vaccination. I was told that they can still get chicken pox even if they are vaccinated, however, the chicken pox is less severe. This held true for us. All three ended up with chicken pox from regular exposure, all three had chicken pox and their cases were all very mild./p



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