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I have a friend who is basically anti-vaccine. She only vaccinates her children for tetanus. She believes that my son's allergies were caused or aggravated by vaccines--that vaccines compromise the immune system. I disagree. My son was born into an allergic family. I believe early introduction of cow's milk into his diet harmed him, but that nursing helped him tremendously.

Anyway, my question is: for those of you who have infants diagnosed PA, how old was you child when diagnosed, and what vaccines did he have prior to that? Just curious.

On Jun 21, 2000

My son had his first peanut reaction at 18 months of age. He was breastfed until 3 months old only. He was vaccinated for diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, polio - IPV, HIb* at what, 2 months, 4 months, 6 months and 18 months. Also, measles, mumps, rubella. I'm not anti-vaccine (except for the Hepatitis B, I feel I can decide when he reaches 12, when you are supposedly required to do so here). In fact, I have just had both children vaccinated for chicken pox, but as always, to each his own. I'm really not clear if there would be a link between vaccines and allergies. Except for the peanut allergy, I know that my son gets his environment allergies and asthma from me.


On Jun 21, 2000

When Cindy mentioned the chicken pox vaccine a light went on in my head. I don't know why I didn't remember this earlier and mention this to anyone (I am very forgetful). When the doctor this last summer finally told us our son has asthma (he will get very bad wheezing when he gets sick) he said he should definitely get the chicken pox vaccine. Both of my kids got the shot. If I remember correctly, he said that if your child gets the chicken pox and would have an asthma attack at the same time that they can't treat the asthma and that something (gosh, can't remember if it was with the asthma medication or just the combination of having asthma and the chicken pox at the same time) would cause the chicken pox to go "wild" and it can be very dangerous. I wish so much that I could remember the specifics. My husband might remember better but he is asleep. Our son will see the pediatrician in August and I will ask him about this again. I do remember the doctor carefully listening to his chest to make sure there was no signs of wheezing before giving the shot. Just thought others with children with asthma might want to know about this and ask their doctor. Does anyone else know about this and could explain it better than me? By the way, both of my children have had all of their shots. One has allergies and one doesn't. I really don't believe there is any connection between getting food allergies because of vaccines. Tracy

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On Jun 22, 2000

I've done all the vaccines for my PA daughter and most for my 7.5 month old son (didn't give him hep.B). My sister is not immunizing her daughter at all. I have heard that we Americans are too healthy! One reason is the vaccines and that this can cause allergies. I suppose it's possible. Haven't really researched it yet. I also saw somewhere that all these antibacterial soaps we use aren't necessarily good for us. We're getting rid of too many germs!

On Jun 22, 2000

I have also heard the vaccine "theories" and really don't quite know what to make of them. Latymom, I've also heard that about the antibacterial soaps. They definitely kill bacteria, but as the bacteria mutate that become resistent and then we can no longer kill them. I've been switching back to regular old soap. Anyway, the vaccine thing has also extended into veterinary medicine. Seems that dogs and cats are also getting "sicker" and they are blaming the vaccines. What I have gathered from all this is that the vaccines are making us too healthy leaving our immune systems with nothing to do so they over-react to normal things. Not quite sure if I blame the vaccines are just the general improved health of the world, period. Christine

On Jun 22, 2000

Latymom & Christine--I've also read about this. How ironic. . .the possibility that our children are developing these allergies because we're too clean and too healthy. In this day and age, I guess anything is possible!! Deanna

On Jun 22, 2000

When my son was sick with infantile botulism another child there died of chicken pox which destroyed his lungs after a kidney transplant. The secretary said a lot of children die every year from the chicken pox. My children are vaccinated. they are vaccinated for chicken pox as well as hep b and hep a. the hep a was done because we travel and sometimes the water is not good. the hep b was done because my doctor recommended it. I would recommend it for children in a day care center who are young. People do not wash hands well enough after changing diapers. It is the reason for the vaccination. I have heard a theory that vaccines may indirectly cause allergies. but it does not make sense to me and it is not proven. I would rather take a chance with allergies than these deadly illnesses. Dying from these illnesses has become so rare that someone would rather take the chance of watching there child get sick? I think the system is more complex than that and it could be a combination of genetics, and atmosphere and vaccines. My son who got sick had a shot at 3 months. I thought it was a reaction but it ended up being the infantile botulism. For awhile the doctors thought it was the polio vaccine but it wasn't polio. the state does investigate these complaints and illnesses. Scince then there has been one boy who got polio from the live vaccine at 3 months. they stopped giving the live vaccine to all babies under 6 months. My son,Dimitri, who got sick, has no allergies. I told them to hold the vaccines on my son utill he was 8 months old. I had him get both hep vaccines I mentioned above and chicken pox. My other children had their vaccines on schedule. They do have mild allergies. I don't know why they have allergies and Dimitri dosn't. I don't know if it is because the immune system was not attacking itself because he was really sick or because he did not have his shots at 4 and 6 months. I have thought about it every time i have taken in a young baby for his shots. I am glad someone has asked this question.

On Jun 22, 2000

Another thing I think about: vaccines may compromise the immune system and cause/aggravate allergies, but on the other hand, maybe vaccines make the kids healthier because their immune system has some fighting to do. For example, studies have shown that kids in day care, who get sick more often, have fewer allergies. Also, if my child is prone to allergies because of genetics, and maybe he is prone to a weaker immune system because of genetics, then he might be the one to be more apt to catch these diseases if I didn't vaccinate. With my son's respiratory problems, I would be afraid NOT to vaccinate another baby of mine for whooping cough for example. Whooping cough is around in the general adult population, but it doesn't show up in adults in the same way--just looks like a cold. Anyway, I'm starting to ramble. I picked and chose my vaccines and spread some out so he didn't get 4 or 5 together.

If anyone who DOESN'T vaccinate has a PA child, I'd like to hear. Also, if anyone finds any research on this topic, please post the link here. Thanks!

On Jun 22, 2000

Just a clarification--while allergies may make our children appear to "sickly" or a have a "weakened" or "compromised immune system", allergies, in fact, are caused by the opposite--an overactive or super immune system. Christine

On Jun 22, 2000

Well stated, Christine, and Thank You!

Also, a question to ponder for parents who do not believe in immunizations. How would you feel if your child contracted a life threatning disease that could have been prevented? Ignorance is not always bliss.

On Jun 22, 2000


"Ignorance is not bliss"? Please, let's try to be a little more diplomatic. Vaccinations are a personal choice. Personally, my son has had all his vaccinations and I wouldn't have it any other way. But I am sure there are dozens of reasons a parent would not want to vaccinate their children. It could be for religious reasons, for example.

Someone on this thread asked for non-vaccinating parents to join in the discussion. I would like to hear from them, and I think it is important to start on a positive note.

No offense is meant by this response.

Also, ihatepeanuts, could you please let me know what asthma meds you were talking about in regards to chicken pox and what happens if the two coincide. I have acess to a lot of medical literature, and I'd like to follow up. Thanks.

On Jun 22, 2000

I also have concerns about the vaccines that we are required to give our children. My son has had all of them. At times I have been in the pediatrician's office and refused the vaccines because he had a slight fever or was congested. (He is PA and has asthma.) When the fever or congestion went away then I would take him back.

Although not very common, there have been reported cases of death and severe mental retardation or health problems because of the vaccines. I always make sure that I get the lot number before my son gets the vaccine and double check to see if there have been any reported cases of abnormalities with that lot.

The place that I check my information is the National Vaccine Information Center located in Vienna, VA. Their web address is: [url="http://www.909shot.com."]http://www.909shot.com.[/url]

By the way, although my son is PA, I don't believe that it has anything to do with his vaccinations. There is a history of allergies in my family, and I had ALOT of peanut butter while I was pregnant and nursing.

On Jun 22, 2000

Here in Massachusetts, if you want to send your child to school or camp, the chicken pox vaccine is required. So my son has had it, along with all of the other required vaccines. He was 14 months old when diagnosed PA. I have a friend who has a bio degree, spent some time writing about infectious diseases, is a massage therapist which required many courses in physiology and is now on her way to a master's degree is public health at John's Hopkins (my point is that she's very educated on this subject) - her theory is that all of the pollution, pesticides and preservatives kids injest today has made their immune systems overactive. I asked my pediatrician about this and he said it's possible. My friend also warned me about not using antibiotic soaps because the overuse of such soaps is creating mutant bacteria. Apparently in the laboratories where bacteria is a part of every day life, scientists just use bleach or alcohol to clean up.

On Jun 22, 2000

Hi there....with regard to the chicken pox vaccine. My youngest daughter was part of the trial study for the vaccine and received it 3 years ago (here in Canada it was not available till just recently), she has NEVER developped any allergies. I requested that my PA son receive the vaccine from our family doctor and he said he would only give it to people who were at high risk of complications ie: a compromized immune system etc. What gives?? My oldest daughter had chicken pox at age 1 and was quite sick and that was the reason I chose to have my other daughter participate in the trials here in Canada. I think I will raise the issue again when my son returns to the doctor for a check up in August. As for immunization, all my kids have had their shots, it never occured to me to do otherwise.

Take care Katiee

On Jun 22, 2000

Just curious.....I agree with all the info about how too much "cleanliness and vaccines" are kind of working against us.....but do you mean all vaccines? Are your thoughts to just avoid the vaccines while they are young? Or what about when they want to enter school? Just curious....my one sister just had baby....no peanuts in her house either (she has two PA kids), and my other sis is due anytime with her second....and her fam isn't affected at all! anyways....any other info I can share on things like this...I love to share with them. THanks!

On Jun 22, 2000

Hi....about the chicken pox...My PA daughter had a mild case of the chicken pox last May just before she turned 4. I wasn't sure if it was the chicken pox so she had a 'titer', (sp?) a blood test, and it came back positive. But in regards to the vaccines, it probably depends on how each one's system reacts to it. I wish we could put our finger on what causes this allergy. I've beaten myself up about it especially for not being able to breast feed, but it looks like kids that were breast fed have it too. Who knows?! Personally, I think it has something to do environmentally, but I'm not sure where. Just my thoughts!

On Jun 22, 2000

Again....i'm going in for genetic testing soon....and most of family will be asked to do the same. The results will be sent for future research that is being done on the genetics on food allergies, and if they can manipulate the proteins to try and prevent it! We have a long way to go.......but its a start!

On Jun 22, 2000

ihatepeanuts, I am curious about this information too as my son has recently been diagnosed as asthmatic (slightly - is there such a thing)and we have not given him the chicken pox vaccine. He is four and when our pediatrician questioned us about it, I asked her if she gave it to her son. She said no! She has since that time given to him and I may allow him to have it soon since I just heard about the problems with asthma and chicken pox. Please let us know more!

On Jun 22, 2000

I have had my children vaccinated for chicken pox too. I have heard that kids with skin conditions such as excema tend to also get very severe cases of chicken pox. I don't remember the source of this but when I heard this I decided to go ahead and have them vaccinated.

On Jun 22, 2000

O.K. I will try to call our pediatrician and ask him more about the chicken pox vaccine and asthma. More than likely he will be too busy to talk to personally, but maybe a nurse can tell me or ask him for me. It is very hectic here for the next 2 weeks with running kids waaaay into town each day for some summer classes, I hardly have time lately to check these boards. I really will call the doctor and ask about this. I will post info as soon as I get an answer. Tracy *

On Jun 23, 2000

BensMom, I had a similar question to yours but not about vaccines, about antibiotics. Someone please correct me if I am wrong but my understanding of antibiotics is that they take over your immune system and essentially "shut it down" (and I use the term loosely) while the medication is in your body. My PA daughter was constantly sick as a child and our first peditrician constantly had her on antibiotics. I have for a long time had a question in my head as to if there was any relationship to her overactive immune system (her PA and asthma) and the over-use of antibiotics. We have 2 children, one PA and one not. The one who isn't PA has not been on any antibiotics to date. She is now 2. Any opinions or comments?

On Jun 23, 2000

AndreaM, wow, never thought of that. I believe antibiotics should be used very sparingly. I do not treat ear infections with antibiotics, and my pediatrician supports my choice. (The other doc in the practice lectures me, but he's an idiot in general and that's another story.) Ben was on antibiotics a few times before I stopped using them for ear infections, and once he was on them for pnuemonia. I wouldn't say he was on them a lot. My daugther has been on them less. She has not been tested, but I suspect is not PA. She likes nuts and peanuts (we don't give them to her anymore though.) Ben never liked any of them. I seems to me that these kids are born with a predisposition to allergy (as evidenced by the eczema) and maybe antibiotics or vaccines help trigger them (or maybe not.) It would be an interesting point to research.

jdickson6, as for vaccines and the question of what to do. My friends who vaccinate sparingly, don't do any vaccines until a year old. If I had another child, I would probably wait, although as I said before, whooping cough is the one that scares me. My advice to anyone is to research all the vaccines, and make a decision for each one independently, and for your child. A child in child care is different than one at home. I can make sure that no one passes a live polio infection from one dirty diaper to my child, (they don't even give the live vaccine anymore) but I couldn't be sure of that in a day care setting. And this thing with asthma and chickenpox is another thing to consider for each individual child.

As for chickenpox, my son (mild eczema, mild occasional wheezing, maybe some hayfever) had chickenpox at age 3. It was not at all severe, no big deal at all. I'm glad both my kids caught it. I didn't want to vaccinate.

On Jun 23, 2000

Chicken pox is a respiratory illness in sick children. I am not sure what the manifestations. If a doctor has recommended the vaccination because of asthma he must feel the pox could attack the restpiratory system and make it more difficult to manage the asthma. I just want to clarify what I said earlier about my decision to hold vaccinations for my son. I held them because he was already very sick. I did not want to have a shot and have him get a side effect that would set him back. He was already in isolation because you cannot go far when you baby is hooked up to a monitor and feeding tube. I am not in full support of anyone who chooses not to vaccinate shcool children. The public does have a right to protect itself.

On Jun 23, 2000

My PA daughter who is 5 has been on antibiotics I think maybe 2 times in her life. I truly do not think there is any connection between her vaccinations and her allergies. I did eat a LOT of peanut butter during my pregnancy as I had gestational diabetes and am a vegetarian and the nutrionist at the hospital recommended I eat peanut butter for protein. I think there is more of a connection to my eating pb during pregnancy to her allergy of peanuts.

I think the issues of whether vaccinations trigger or promote allergies (by causing the body to have to fight normally innocent substances like peanuts instead of diseases) and the issue of whether antibiotics trigger allergies are two seperate ones. I am curious as to what would make you think antibiotics would trigger allergies? Is it the substances it is made of that has you concerned?

On Jun 23, 2000

AJ&A-- you stated that

"...there have been reported cases of death and severe mental retardation or health problems because of the vaccines."

What vaccines are you referring to? Other than the "live polio vaccine" (which they don't give to infants anymore) that had caused a couple of cases of polio, I don't know of any other vaccines that could cause problems. I'm interested in knowing which vaccines are an issue.

As far as the peanut allergy theory goes, I believe and have also heard (as many parents already stated) that there are more peanut allergies in today's world due to the pesticides used and also with soil issues. I've also heard something about the fungus on the peanuts--but this may also have something to do with pesticides--not sure. Maybe pesticide companies could better answer this issue.

Obviously, something has changed with the way peanuts are grown. It seems within the past 15 years that people/children being allergic to peanuts has drastically increased.

On Jun 23, 2000

Another theory to the rise in allergies is that with the lack of diseases to fight, and the relative cleanliness of our food supply (few parasites, etc.), our immune systems don't have enough to do and end up attacking innocuous things like peanut proteins.

On Jun 24, 2000

Yes, I've heard that MEW. SOmetimes I wonder....has anyone seen The Insider? Maybe peanut growers/manufacturers know more than their telling us and they're hiding the info. so they don't go under??? (I also saw Conspiracy Theory...LOL)

On Jun 24, 2000

You know what? I had to laugh at the conspiracy theory. We are all going crazy trying to figure out what has caused this, is it vacines, is it eating pb while pregnant,is it antiobiotics, soap, or maybe it's because we drive in cars! (that's a joke) who knows and really can we change the fact that our kids or we have this - NO, NO, NO we can't. Why don't we just learn to live with it and stop trying to solve a mystery. Vacines are important for our kids I sure as hell wouldn't want my daughter to get polio or the mumps or any of the other DISEASES that those vacines are for. I put DISEASES in caps because that's what those are, and well being allergic to peanuts is not a disease it's an adaptation of the foods we eat and the foods we give our kids - that's all. So don't give and don't try to give them anything with peanuts and life will be good.... Shirley

On Jun 24, 2000

It is true that no one can change the fact that our kids have this allergy. But, it is important to try to find out what contributes to it so other people's kids and kids that we may have later don't have to deal with it. I think staying away from peanuts while pregnant and nursing, for example, is important. And I disagree about the vaccines. I would rather my child get measles or mumps (though not polio), which used to be common childhood diseases, and for most kids were no big deal, than have a life threatening allergy forever. I don't think vaccines are a big factor, but if I ever found out they were, I would not vaccinate until a child was school-age.

On Jun 24, 2000

I have looked at the rest of this web site and all the answers anyone wants answered are there - go to the Link page. All the scientific answers are there.

On Jun 24, 2000

All three of my kids were vaccinated. All three of my kids also received the chicken pox vaccination. I was told that they can still get chicken pox even if they are vaccinated, however, the chicken pox is less severe. This held true for us. All three ended up with chicken pox from regular exposure, all three had chicken pox and their cases were all very mild.

On Jun 24, 2000

I think it would be interesting if everyone with a peanut allergy (or any allergy for that fact) were to answer a series of questions about their life. (For example, alot of parents have mentioned that their child also has/or has had eczema.) (Our appointment with the allergist for my son isn't until the end of July so I don't know if they already do this.) Does anyone know if there have been studies done regarding peanut allergies? If so, are the results/findings on the internet? I'm just curious if there is something in common.

Latymom--It's funny you said something about "The Insider". I was thinking the exact same thing.

On Jun 24, 2000

I saw a report on 60 minutes in 1994 in late summer On a vaccinations causing side effects resulting in mental retardation and death. I believe the concern was MMR shot and not the polio. The report was scary to see that is why I remember when I saw it.

On Jun 25, 2000

e-mom, My PA son never had excema...he did have cradle cap for a long time though (not sure if it is related). Anyway, I know that they are trying to link some kids with autism to the MMR shot. It seems to be that way with my aunt's son. He did not have autism until a month after his MMR shot and that is what three doctors have told her probably caused it. I also read about this in a book.

On Jun 25, 2000

jrizos, I believe that report was talking about the DPT shot, the pertussis component in particular. The DTaP, with the acellular pertussis, seems to be much safer.

On Jun 25, 2000

Jrizos You can find this information on webmd.com under mmr search. Nancy

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On Jun 26, 2000

e-mom: The shots that I have heard of with problems are DPT, MMR, live Polio (I had to ask that it not be given to my infant son 2 years ago), and hep B.

I am at work right now and most of my information is at home. I will check it tonight.

On Jun 26, 2000

On the general subject of the relationship between allergies and vaccinations: I don't see it as a legitimate connection, except in the case of egg allergies, since some viruses for vaccines are grown in eggs. Of course, my daughter tested positive to an egg white allergy, and she never had any sort of a reaction to either her vaccinations or to eating eggs, so take that connection however you want. I don't see how vaccinations could be related to peanut allergies, particularly since the incredible growth in the number of children with peanut allergies has happened only in the last 15 years or so and children have been routinely vaccinated for far longer than that! The rise in peanut allergies I'm sure has much more to do with early exposure, either invitro, through breastfeeding, or as an additive to common foods. My mother ate lots of peanut butter while pregnant with me and while breastfeeding me, I received every vaccine available 30 years ago, but I'm not PA. I ate almost no peanut products while pregnant or breastfeeding for a year, my daughter received all the vaccines available, but she is PA. Who knows why? Not me.

My daughter has received all vaccinations that have been offered, with the exception of the rotavirus vaccine. A week after we turned that one down, it was taken off the market by the CDC anyway! It seems to me that the memories of people are quite short. Americans just don't really remember a time when these diseases that we vaccinate against were so common. The diseases were brutal and all too often deadly. In my opinion, choosing not to vaccinate is folly. There are occasional side effects of vaccination. There are even cases where these side effects are horrible, but these cases are extremely rare. The diseases themselves are always horrible.

I think there is a danger of lumping antibiotic use together with vaccinations. Antibiotics fight bacterial infections; vaccinations fight virues. Antiobiotics work throughout your system and pretty much kill all the bacteria in you, good or bad. Overuse and misuse (i.e. not finishing a complete course) of antiobiotics seems to be building the immunity of bacteria to currently available antiobiotics, causing infections that were once pretty easy to fight to be more common and hard to kill off. Vaccinations build immunity to particular viruses. You can get the same bacterial infection over and over again, regardless of how many times you've taken antiobiotics. Once you've had a particular virus, however, that's it--you don't get the same virus again (again, except in rare instances where your immune system didn't build up a complete immunity). Bacteria in your system can be killed off by antiobiotics; viruses can't and need to just run their course until your immune system fights them off for good. We avoid antibacterial soaps and overuse of antibiotics, but we always vaccinate.

I also think it's silly to claim that because Americans are so clean, we are actually making ourselves sicker. Sicker than what? Certainly not sicker than we used to be as a general population. Americans are remarkably healthy now. Take a look at some third-world countries that AREN'T clean and where horrible diseases are rampant, and then tell me if you think our cleanliness is not a virtue. I also don't buy the claim that our cleanliness and immunity to all sorts of diseases makes allergies more common. How do we know that we're not just much better about identifying and treating allergies now than we were 40 or 50 years ago? Maybe there are just as many children with allergies now as there were when our parents were growing up, but because our children don't have to deal with polio and German measles, we have time to worry about allergies now? Maybe the decline in childhood deaths has something to do with the fact that now we can get quick and effective treatment when children have a deadly allergic reaction so something, and in the past, they'd just be dead with no explanations?

Whew! I didn't mean to go on so long! I've just been thinking about these issues quite a bit as I struggle to figure out why my child was picked out to have a peanut allergy and other kids weren't. I want to assign blame, but I can't find anything to blame. I take some comfort in the fact that knowledge of food allergies is increasing and my daughter is in a better position to live a long and healthy life than someone in her place 50 years ago. And I thank Jonas Salk and all who came before and after him in developing vaccines that make it possible for my daughter to avoid other potentially horrible, deadly conditions.


On Jun 26, 2000

Dear Sarah, I agree with you that there is a need to protect our kids through vacination.I do however have a query about antibiotics.My son has multible foodallergies,enzema,asthma and my other three kids have very mild allergies.Throughout his pregnancy I was on constant antibiotics for kidney infectons.From birth he never tolerated soya nor milk and had frequent ear infections and chest infections.This meant one antiobiotic after another.Since he has all dairy products,egg,peanut taken out of his diet he has never needed an antiobiotic.I believe that there is a genetic aspect to the cause of our allergies and that overuse of antiobiotics does little to help.When the rest of my kids are suffering from colds etc, the allergy guy is fighting fit. I did however remark that after we removed the foods from his diet the subsequent accidental exposures resulted in worse reactions.Milk used to give him a rash now contact causes swelling.It is a real minefield. The one thing I have remarked about him is his wonderful personality.He has had me terrified to tears and then bent laughing.

On Jun 26, 2000

In regards to the comments about chicken pox vaccine...My son (who is PA and dairy, egg, and wheat)also suffers from eczema although it is better now than when very young. My sister's son has severe eczema and her allergist told her NOT to get the vaccine for chicken pox as it might aggravate the eczema...go figure!!

In regards to the comment about anibiotics and PA My son has never been on antibiotics (he is 17 mos. old) and yet he has all these allergies. Just adding to the information...hope it helps! tkiaml

On Jun 30, 2000

I also have read recently that the more industrialized a nation the more cases of allergies...but it is believed to occur more as a result of the envir. pollut. Besides the pollut. from industry, the amount of consumer pollut., as well. There are record numbers of autos. on the road today! When I was in high school, very few kids had access to a car. Now every kid gets a car when he turns 16! Exposure to indoor allergens/pollut. is also linked to weaken immune systems. In the past (and in less industr. nations) more time was/is spent outdoors, hence, less exposure to dust mites & indoor pollut. (you know from that new carpet or new house, etc.). Poor ventilation in new homes due to windows/doors being too air tight is now a concern. We live in an older house with drafty windows and the ped. said this was a good thing! Please immunize your children! There is already an increase in some illnesses (whooping cough, T.B.) being attributed to lack of immunizations.

On Jun 30, 2000

My yr. old pa son has had all the vaccines he needs except for chicken pox, which I dont think was available then. He had athsma at 1 yr. old severe eczema on just his face, till he was 2, he got chicken pox at age 6 but didnt have any cpmplications. MY daughter got them at 3 years old, she had the vaccine but only got 3 poxes, she is allergy free, except for a little hayfever. my other son got pox at 7 weeks old, real bad, no vaccine, dont know if hes pa yet. but he has had all his vaccines up to date, he has no other allergies but had RSV at 10 weeks old, but so did my other 2 kids when they were about the same age. They thought he might have had whhooping cough, Im not sure if he had that vaccine by then or not, Id have to check his chart. MY 4 year old daughter gets mild athsma once in a while, which we just use the nebulizer, and we have used it on my 1 year old at times for mild allergies,when he wheezes.MY 7 year old also gets lots of sinus infections, about 2 a year but they make him real sick (103* temp.) He just got his MMR with no side effects [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

On Jul 1, 2000

My DS 18 months has anaphylactic allergies to: dairy, eggs, wheat, peanuts as well as allergies to about 25 other items. His IGE level is 1653.

He got his DTaP shots at 2, 4 and 6 months. I was terrified. He had eczema since birth so I know that his allergic condition was not caused by these vaccines. HOWEVER, I do think that the vaccines in and of themselves can be extremely harmful. They are full of so much crap and we are injecting it into very small children.

Before vaccines, these diseases were actually diminishing in strength and virulence becase the human race was developing an ability to fight them off. Vaccines have take that away and now these diseases are more deadly than they have ever been.

That said, I do believe that the benefits outweigh the risks for some vaccines. My DS also has asthma and the reason why chicken pox (as well as any other herpes disease) is so dangerous is that steroids make herpes viruses spread like WILDFIRE. My DS also has eczema and if he were exposed to herpes or chicken pox, the virus could cover his entire body, invade his organs, including his eyes and kill him. Unfortunately, I live in Ireland and the chicken pox vaccine is not available here. More than likely if my son contracts chicken pox he will have to be hospitalized.

There was a program on TV here a week or so ago called, "Eat Dirt", basically what they were saying is that you see no asthma or allergies in third world countries because the kids are exposed to so much bacteria, viruses, etc. The allergic condition has developed so significantly in the first world due to overexcessive hygiene, antibiotic use, etc. It was a very interesting program.

My son will never have the MMR because he has an anaphylactic allergy to eggs. PLUS, I buy into the link between the MMR and autism. PLUS, I recently read that kids diagnosed with autism go on to be diagnosed with multiple and sometimes severe food allergies. All too scary for me. I have also read that kids with eczema actually do rather well with measles. So, since my son's immune system is so over-active I'll trust it to fight off any diseases.


On Nov 12, 2000

The topic tonight on 60 minutes is about if the MMR is safe and the link between MMR and autism. Thought some people may be interested.

On Nov 13, 2000

NaomiR, did you watch it? I meant to but then forgot about it. If anyone saw it, could you please post?

On Aug 2, 2003

Simply re-raising to compliment ophie's thread. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

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By barbfeick on Nov 14, 2010

Most babies are now routinely given the vitamin K shot. Do you really know what is in it? I don't. Your pharmacist doesn't. Neither does your doctor or hospital.

The FDA gave pharmaceutical companies the right to "self-affirm" generally recognized as safe ingredients. What this means is the company has a highly refined food oils tested by skin prick tests to see if people get an allergic reaction. They don't. So now the oils are GRAS. Nothing gets submitted to the FDA. There is no "list" of self-affirmed GRAS ingredients. Nothing appears on the package insert. And it is a trade secret protected by international law.

So your baby gets a shot at birth. And unless you give the baby a formula that contains peanut oil, you have no idea that your child has an allergy until you feed him peanuts at age 2.

Dr. Tenpenny is on the Net. She has a video out about the flu shot and many articles about vaccines. They are NOT safe and effective and she backs up all her information with statistics directly from the CDC and mainstream medical journals.

By pxleal on Aug 17, 2013

Sign my petition urging vaccine manufacturers to disclose full ingredients


Merck, GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis, SanofiPasteur, Pfizer, CDC, FDA: Disclose full list of all vaccines' ingredients and if peanut is used in them

THREE MILLION Americans suffer from peanut allergy and experts are not sure why. Some theorize that peanut oil is used in our vaccines, causing hypersensitivity to peanut, later leading to peanut/treenut allergy. We need to know the truth. Even if only a minority of people vaccinated were to develop peanut allergy, this is unacceptable because this is a lifelong condition with no known cure. Peanut/treenut allergies cause extreme hardships and anxiety for patients and families everyday at every meal for the rest of their lives. Peanut allergy is the most lethal of all food allergies killing more people than any other food allergy. Peanut/treenut is ubiquitous in our society. It is in all schools, most restaurants and processed foods. Avoiding it completely is virtually impossible. Patients with peanut allergy are likely to have a reaction within three years (95% chance). The most important treatment, Epinephrine (Epipen), is not 100% guaranteed to work.

Vaccinations are important and they do save lives, but we need to develop safer vaccines for EVERYONE. We should not be iatrogenically producing uncurable diseases in ANY patient receiving vaccines. We have very advanced science and we cannot find a safer alternative adjuvant to use in vaccines besides peanut oil? That is hard to believe. We are The United States of America! In addition, we have the right to know what substance we are injecting in our bodies. Partial vaccine ingredient disclosure is unacceptable. Vaccine manufacturers cite "trade secrets" as justification for witholding complete vaccine ingredients information.

Childhood vaccines are universally mandated in U.S. schools. More and more vaccines are being recommended for adults, as well. If we do not make sure that our vaccines are safe and free from peanut oil, many more people could keep acquiring and dying from peanut allergy. IF YOU DO NOT SIGN THIS PETITION, YOU, YOUR CHILDREN OR GRANDCHILDREN COULD BE NEXT TO BE AFFLICTED WITH PEANUT ALLERGY, AN UNCURABLE AND DEADLY ILLNESS.

For my daughter who suffers from peanut allergy as well as three million more Americans it may be too late. But perhaps it is not too late for saving countless others from this fate.

I humbly thank you for your signature.

Some resources for references on this topic include: Heather Fraser's book "The History of the Peanut Allergy Epidemic," and New York Times articles from 9/19/1964 and 11/11/1966 announcing successful results in thousands of patients receiving vaccines containing peanut oil.

By AD75 on Aug 17, 2013

In reference to the person who made the comment they received all their vaccines 30 years ago and don't have allergies, yeah, so did I and I don't have allergies, but the vaccine schedule 30 years ago looks NOTHING like the schedule from 2012/2013! Adding more than triple the amount of vaccines is nothing to ignore, more is not always better. And to the people who want to blame the poor moms who ate peanut butter, I really could care less about peanut butter, and probably only ate it on a few occasions in my pregnancy, yet I have a son with PA. If it's due to what you eat, my son should have been allergic to fruits/vegetables, and dairy, but, he is not allergic to any of those. And, to me, it's silly that someone can entertain the idea that it's probably due to how often one uses hand sanitizer and being "too clean" when they are not willing to entertain the idea that directly injecting something into the body that's whole purpose is to "stimulate the immune system" might actually have some side effects. After all, vaccinations are directly intended to impact the immune system, hence creating immunity, right? I think if it's rational to look at hand soap, then for crying out loud, we certainly should be thoroughly looking at things we are directly injecting into a person's body with known antigens. I am a licensed medical professional and worked in the medical field for many years before switching gears, and I can say for sure have been exposed to many germs, so I don't think "too clean" applies here either! I come from a large family and no one with food allergies until my son, so I don't think genetics applies either. If ana food allergies are genetic, my family would never have been here as they would have died out a long time ago before epi pens were available. It's environment, and maybe a complex and not profitable answer, so we may never know.