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Posted on: Wed, 06/21/2000 - 10:45am
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I have a friend who is basically anti-vaccine. She only vaccinates her children for tetanus. She believes that my son's allergies were caused or aggravated by vaccines--that vaccines compromise the immune system. I disagree. My son was born into an allergic family. I believe early introduction of cow's milk into his diet harmed him, but that nursing helped him tremendously.

Anyway, my question is: for those of you who have infants diagnosed PA, how old was you child when diagnosed, and what vaccines did he have prior to that? Just curious.

Posted on: Wed, 06/21/2000 - 12:19pm
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pMy son had his first peanut reaction at 18 months of age. He was breastfed until 3 months old only. He was vaccinated for diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, polio - IPV, HIb* at what, 2 months, 4 months, 6 months and 18 months. Also, measles, mumps, rubella. I'm not anti-vaccine (except for the Hepatitis B, I feel I can decide when he reaches 12, when you are supposedly required to do so here). In fact, I have just had both children vaccinated for chicken pox, but as always, to each his own. I'm really not clear if there would be a link between vaccines and allergies. Except for the peanut allergy, I know that my son gets his environment allergies and asthma from me./p

Posted on: Wed, 06/21/2000 - 1:36pm
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pWhen Cindy mentioned the chicken poxbr /
vaccine a light went on in my head. I don'tbr /
know why I didn't remember this earlier andbr /
mention this to anyone (I am very forgetful).br /
When the doctor this last summer finallybr /
told us our son has asthma (he will get very bad wheezing when he gets sick) hebr /
said he should definitely get the chickenbr /
pox vaccine. Both of my kids got the /
If I remember correctly, he said that ifbr /
your child gets the chicken pox and wouldbr /
have an asthma attack at the same time thatbr /
they can't treat the asthma and that something (gosh, can't remember if it wasbr /
with the asthma medication or just thebr /
combination of having asthma and the chickenbr /
pox at the same time) would cause thebr /
chicken pox to go "wild" and it can bebr /
very dangerous. I wish so much that I couldbr /
remember the specifics. My husband mightbr /
remember better but he is asleep. Our sonbr /
will see the pediatrician in August and Ibr /
will ask him about this again. I do rememberbr /
the doctor carefully listening to his chestbr /
to make sure there was no signs of wheezingbr /
before giving the shot. Just thoughtbr /
others with children with asthma might wantbr /
to know about this and ask their /
Does anyone else know about this and couldbr /
explain it better than me? By the way, bothbr /
of my children have had all of their /
One has allergies and one doesn't. I reallybr /
don't believe there is any connection betweenbr /
getting food allergies because of /
Tracy /p
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Posted on: Wed, 06/21/2000 - 11:10pm
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pI've done all the vaccines for my PA daughter and most for my 7.5 month old son (didn't give him hep.B). My sister is not immunizing her daughter at all. I have heard that we Americans are too healthy! One reason is the vaccines and that this can cause allergies. I suppose it's possible. Haven't really researched it yet. I also saw somewhere that all these antibacterial soaps we use aren't necessarily good for us. We're getting rid of too many germs!/p

Posted on: Wed, 06/21/2000 - 11:25pm
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pI have also heard the vaccine "theories" and really don't quite know what to make of them. Latymom, I've also heard that about the antibacterial soaps. They definitely kill bacteria, but as the bacteria mutate that become resistent and then we can no longer kill them. I've been switching back to regular old soap. Anyway, the vaccine thing has also extended into veterinary medicine. Seems that dogs and cats are also getting "sicker" and they are blaming the vaccines. What I have gathered from all this is that the vaccines are making us too healthy leaving our immune systems with nothing to do so they over-react to normal things. Not quite sure if I blame the vaccines are just the general improved health of the world, /

Posted on: Wed, 06/21/2000 - 11:36pm
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pLatymom Christine--I've also read about this. How ironic. . .the possibility that our children are developing these allergies because we're too clean and too healthy. In this day and age, I guess anything is possible!! Deanna/p

Posted on: Wed, 06/21/2000 - 11:45pm
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pWhen my son was sick with infantile botulism another child there died of chicken pox which destroyed his lungs after a kidney transplant. The secretary said a lot of children die every year from the chicken pox. My children are vaccinated. they are vaccinated for chicken pox as well as hep b and hep a. the hep a was done because we travel and sometimes the water is not good. the hep b was done because my doctor recommended it. I would recommend it for children in a day care center who are young. People do not wash hands well enough after changing diapers. It is the reason for the vaccination. I have heard a theory that vaccines may indirectly cause allergies. but it does not make sense to me and it is not proven. I would rather take a chance with allergies than these deadly illnesses. Dying from these illnesses has become so rare that someone would rather take the chance of watching there child get sick? I think the system is more complex than that and it could be a combination of genetics, and atmosphere and vaccines. My son who got sick had a shot at 3 months. I thought it was a reaction but it ended up being the infantile botulism. For awhile the doctors thought it was the polio vaccine but it wasn't polio. the state does investigate these complaints and illnesses. Scince then there has been one boy who got polio from the live vaccine at 3 months. they stopped giving the live vaccine to all babies under 6 months. My son,Dimitri, who got sick, has no allergies. I told them to hold the vaccines on my son utill he was 8 months old. I had him get both hep vaccines I mentioned above and chicken pox. My other children had their vaccines on schedule. They do have mild allergies. I don't know why they have allergies and Dimitri dosn't. I don't know if it is because the immune system was not attacking itself because he was really sick or because he did not have his shots at 4 and 6 months. I have thought about it every time i have taken in a young baby for his shots. I am glad someone has asked this question./p

Posted on: Thu, 06/22/2000 - 12:16am
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pAnother thing I think about: vaccines may compromise the immune system and cause/aggravate allergies, but on the other hand, maybe vaccines make the kids healthier because their immune system has some fighting to do. For example, studies have shown that kids in day care, who get sick more often, have fewer allergies. Also, if my child is prone to allergies because of genetics, and maybe he is prone to a weaker immune system because of genetics, then he might be the one to be more apt to catch these diseases if I didn't vaccinate. With my son's respiratory problems, I would be afraid NOT to vaccinate another baby of mine for whooping cough for example. Whooping cough is around in the general adult population, but it doesn't show up in adults in the same way--just looks like a cold. Anyway, I'm starting to ramble. I picked and chose my vaccines and spread some out so he didn't get 4 or 5 together. /p
pIf anyone who DOESN'T vaccinate has a PA child, I'd like to hear. Also, if anyone finds any research on this topic, please post the link here. Thanks!/p

Posted on: Thu, 06/22/2000 - 12:28am
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pJust a clarification--while allergies may make our children appear to "sickly" or a have a "weakened" or "compromised immune system", allergies, in fact, are caused by the opposite--an overactive or super immune /

Posted on: Thu, 06/22/2000 - 2:45am
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pWell stated, Christine, and Thank You!/p
pAlso, a question to ponder for parents who do not believe in immunizations. How would you feel if your child contracted a life threatning disease that could have been prevented? Ignorance is not always bliss./p

Posted on: Thu, 06/22/2000 - 3:06am
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p"Ignorance is not bliss"? Please, let's try to be a little more diplomatic. Vaccinations are a personal choice. Personally, my son has had all his vaccinations and I wouldn't have it any other way. But I am sure there are dozens of reasons a parent would not want to vaccinate their children. It could be for religious reasons, for example. /p
pSomeone on this thread asked for non-vaccinating parents to join in the discussion. I would like to hear from them, and I think it is important to start on a positive note./p
pNo offense is meant by this response./p
pAlso, ihatepeanuts, could you please let me know what asthma meds you were talking about in regards to chicken pox and what happens if the two coincide. I have acess to a lot of medical literature, and I'd like to follow up. Thanks./p


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