Can we do anything to help expedite the vaccine research? I am told that it will be at least 5-10 years before vaccine is available to humans. That is too long for us to agonize and live in fear every minute of our lives! Can we join forces?

On Sep 18, 2006

love too but i'm not sure how much faster anything like that can be done it takes time and research and lets not forget funding we want to make sure when it comes out it actually does the trick they say it might not make pb allergics allergy go away just might make the reactions to nuts not so severe. which that alone in my case would be a blessing. but would not take away all my worries i have for my son who is severly peanut allergic. if you think there is a way to make this vaccine happen faster just let me know any ideas and i'll do my part to help

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On Oct 14, 2006

Have you ever hear of TNX-901??? Sadly, this drug was doing exceptionally well, it was actually given fast track status by the FDA. However, the small pharmaceutical company that needed to join forces with a larger one for funding efforts, was actually shut down by them because they saw the same possibilities with one of their asthma drugs, Xolair and wanted to be able to produce a 2-fold drug (asthma/peanut- of which they stopped doing anything with the peanut part of it this past January/06). The larger company fought the smaller one for years to a tune of over 10 million dollars till the small company gave up. This drug is so successful that there are still individuals that were in the study using the drug and succesfully not having allergic reactions anymore to peanuts! It's sickening to think that there is a cure out there, but greed has squashed any further studies. They all predicted that by today, TNX-901 would have been on the market, but now it is completely stopped! The company is Tanox and the companies who shut the TNX-901 drug down are Genentech and Novartis. I think about it every day and want to do something about it. With all of the individuals in this world with peanut allergies, there should be something we can do. You can google the drug name and find articles about it everywhere. There is also a study being done in Duke University with peanut flour that is doing very well, but like you said will be years away.