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my daughter has peanut and egg allergies. this is all new to us and we are still learning. i've heard some vaccinations and the flu shot are cultured with egg and can provoke a reaction. my daughter had a flu shot and has had all her vaccinations (she is 16months) so far with no problems (obviously before we knew about the allergies). how do i interpret this? do all of you vaccinate your children if they have egg allergies? thanks

On May 5, 2005

My daughter is also PA and egg allergic (she was diagnosed with egg allergy at 9 months and with PA at 2 years of age). She has never had the flu vaccine and we have been told that she will never be able to have it. Unfortunately, she seems prone to getting the flu; she's gotten it each of the past 2 years. The flu vaccine is contraindicted for anyone who has ever had an egg allergy. So, even if my dd were to outgrow her egg allergy, she still would never be able to receive the vaccine.

She did receive her MMR but only after being allergy tested for it and testing negative on the second test (she was tested at 1 year and 2 years of age).

She's due for an MMR booster this year and I have to call her allergist to see if this can be administered by her pediatrician. I'd suggest discussing the issue of vaccinations with your child's allergist.

On May 5, 2005

Hi, From what we have been told, MMR Vaccine also uses egg, but many people do not have a problem with this vaccine even if allergic to egg. The Flu shot is different though, they do not reccommend it if there is an egg allergy. I am not sure what the previous poster meant by it being contradicted if a person has ever had an egg allergy- I was allergic to eggs until age 3, and my son ( had multiple food allergies until age 3, now just PA) and youngest daughter both tested allergic to egg until around age 3- all of us have had flu shots the past 3 years with no problems and seemingly successful- no flu in our house other than the 2 or 3 day variety. Our egg allrgies were not severe- the only symptom was a rash. Anyway, I would talk it over with your Dr., but it does seem clear that your child should not have the flu vaccine while actively allergic to eggs. good luck! Jen

On May 5, 2005

JayD, What I meant by "contraindications" is that it a factor not to administer the vaccine. From the CDC's web site: Who should not get a flu shot? Talk with a doctor before getting a flu shot if you: 1) Have ever had a severe allergic reaction to eggs or to a previous flu shot or 2) Have a history of Guillain-Barr

On May 6, 2005

Ds (age 2, allergic to eggs, pn, tn) had the MMR w/ no problems. His first allergist said he could not have the flu shot. His 2nd allergist (switched due to insurance) said he had never had an egg allergic patient who COULD NOT have the flu shot...he was tested to it, was positive, and had 5 small shots one day, 4 small shots a month later. Sounds worse than it really was...he only cried w/ the test b/c they did the under the skin type, but never cried w/ the shots. I guess it just all depends on the doctor, and their experience. Don't know if I'll push for it next year or not, since he'll be over 2 and not in the "high risk group", but he had zero reactions to it. (By the way, he tested positive to egg on skin and RAST testing, though he's not "high" on rast, I believe a 4.3...his reaction to egg was hives at age one). Melissa

On May 6, 2005

My PA son has a very minor allergy to egg white. We let him have the flu vaccine every year because he also has been dxed with asthma which puts him in the high risk category. So we give him the shot, then make sure to stay in the doctor's office for 20 to 30 minutes afterwards to make sure he doesn't react to it. So far, this has worked fine - he's never reacted to them. And his egg numbers go down every year.

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On May 6, 2005

AFAIK, and this is from OUR situation...

Caitlin has allergies to egg, and beef.

The flu shot should NOT be given to her because of egg.

The MMR was given at age 1 AND at age 5.

We had no issue with the age 5 vaccine. TG!

I believe that egg allergic people should not worry about the MMR. I believe ify ou're allergic to OTHER things, you COULD be concerned (beef/gelatin issue..?).

Ill tell you... Caitlin would have DEFINITELY reacted to the MMR if it HAD egg in it. She did not.


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On May 6, 2005

Okay, our experience: Aidan had his first MMR at 15 months old before we knew he was allergic to eggs. He did fine. He is allergic to Egg whites, egg yolk, & whole eggs. This is chicken eggs supposedly that he was tested for. He is 4+ on all of them.

Puzzeled I asked our ped., allergist, & my best friend who is an internist about if a 2nd MMR & flu vaccine should be given. I have been told that most vaccines can be made with different types of egg embryo (Ostrich, turkey, etc.) This is why some people react while other don't. Also, I was told that the protein is broken down during the making of the vaccine therefore like the whole peanut oil issue it appears safe for some people.

Now with that being said Aidan took both the flu shot & his 2nd MMR on two separate occasions in the allergist's office to be monitor incase of a reaction. He did fine. We were urged for him to get the flu because his asthma is so bad.

Hope this helps & take care, mandi

On May 6, 2005

You will find a rather large debate on vaccinations if you do a search. I think I probably started one of the threads. These give you a lot of good information on both sides of the debate. My 4 year old pa is up to date on her vaccinations but my 2 year old mfa child is not. It was not an easy decision but one that at this time my pediatrician and allergist support. I am not anti vaccination but there are many if's and I could not risk anything else with my mfa child so at this time we have stopped vaccinating her until she gets older and her immune system is stronger. It is a very hard choice but I researched for months and actually spoke to many Dr's (both Eastern and Western beliefs)and then came to my decision. There are some good books out there now too. I also found it vey interesting and informative what other countries are doing with vaccinations such as France, Japana and England. Since I do not totally trust the FDA and pharmaceutical co's I looked to see what prob's other countries have been having with vaccines, what their vaccine schedule is for children and what shots have actually been pulled such as Hep B. The one thing I will say is do NOT give your child more than 1 vaccine at a time and don't go for the newer vaccines that combine the shots into 1. I have never had 1 Dr tell me that I was crazy for spacing the shots out and in fact, the Dr's told me that if they had children in the vaccination years in this day and age that they do would so this. The best thing to do is to educate yourself.