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Utz Snacks - safe

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This company makes pretzels, corn chips, etc. I found them at Sam's Club. I called and was told that only one of their products uses peanut oil - that is Kettle Chips - but they are made in a separate facility from most of their products and they never use cold-pressed oils. Their website refers to several allergens and lists their nut-free products. The following is from the website page [url="http://utzsnacks.com/Productinfo.shtml:"]http://utzsnacks.com/Productinfo.shtml:[/url]

"The following is a list of general product categories that would be free of any type of peanut protein and/or peanut oil:

All our cottonseed oil fried potato chips.

All our fat free YES! brand potato chips fried in Olean.

Grandma Utz potato chips kettle fried in lard.

All our tortilla and corn chips, both unflavored and flavored.

All our popcorn products.

All our baked cheese curls, fried cheese curls, baked cheese balls.

All our pretzels products.

Please continue to carefully read the ingredient statements on food labels. Food safety is a high priority for us. We strive for full ingredient disclosure on all our food product packages, including the presence of all the major food allergens.

Utz Contact: Donald Kline

Kosher Coordinator

Director, Quality Assurance

1-800-367-7629 ext. 367


On Nov 3, 2003

Thanks for posting. Dd got a bag of their pretzels in her halloween bag from school. I was just going to give them to dh in his lunch, but I will let her have them. becca

On Nov 3, 2003

Thanks for posting this - my daughter got so many bags of these for Halloween and I tried to do a search to see if they were safe and couldn't find anything. Anyone else use these without any problems?