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Using this Travel Board

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One of the topics that comes up often is travel. Many people have questions about what to expect where they are going etc..

This board is to post info and questions about what you have found, what you are worried about or looking to find out etc.

This PeanutAllergy.Com Travel Discussion Board is for topics that relate to travel.

Many have had good or bad experiences and this will give everyone a place to post about them, this gives us an opportunity to let others know about an accommodating place and also enables us all work on improving ones which need some work.

Traveling on a bus? Visiting Disney ?...Use this board to find out about it and inform others as to what you have learned.

Help keep each other safe, let others gain a better quality of life because of what you know! Let us as a community work together to raise the quality of life. Post what you know, what you would like to see etc. so others who feel the same way can work toward the same goals. Many of us are working on similar issues, together we can accomplish a lot, the more informed we all are the more we can get done.

Keep up the good work, it is making a difference, keep educating others and asking them for assistance so we can enjoy better, safer lives. We hear from companies that they have been contacted frequently about peanut allergy, it is making them aware of what they can do and how many of us there are (and that it is worth their effort to make their places safe to use or visit for us). Many of them have found it is better for them to address the peanut allergy issue than have to deal with all of us on a constant basis contacting them with questions and problems.

Again, keep up the good work.

------------------ Stay Safe