Using an E-belt? I have a question for you.


I'm about to purchase the double e-belt, but like many people, we also need to carry a small bottle of liquid benedryl. We don't need an inhaler, so I thought I might be able to buy the version with a pouch for inhalers, and put a small bottle of benedryl in there instead. Has anyone tried this?

Anyone that has the you think this would work?

Many thanks in advance. LDR

On May 1, 2003

LDR: I hope you get some responses!! I don't have an e-belt but want to buy a double holder with the inhaler pouch. I posted a few weeks back asking about them but got no response. I'll keep my fingers crossed that someone reads this and responds.

On May 2, 2003

Have you thought of using a camera/cell phone holder bag? I just got one and it's perfect for two epi-pens, a bottle of benedryl, plus room for medical cards and additional info. It's just an idea. Cheaper too. Good luck, hope you get the answers you need if i didn't help any.

On May 2, 2003

We have the double epi-belt with the pouch for chewable benadryl. I feel much more comfortable with that than the liquid, which caregivers always seem to worry about measuring precisely. In the time they mess around with the bottle and measuring cup, my son can give himself a chewable tablet (which he prefers anyway).

If he is unable to handle a chewable tablet (ie losing consciousness or trouble swallowing) he is in need of the epi-pen not any type of benedryl.

This is what works for us.