Used the Epipen for the first time !!!!!!

Posted on: Mon, 07/16/2001 - 2:24pm
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Just when I thought things were managable, our almost 3 yo son had an anaphylactic reaction. His worst reaction ever and the interesting thing was, it was a completely different reaction than he has ever had. THese reactions are unpredictable.

we went over to another family's home and they have one 18 month old boy. Toys were everywhere. The parents are sensitive to our son's allergies (dairy, egg, tree nuts) and asked if there was anything that they could do before we came over to play. Our DS played with all the toys and sat on the floor everywhere and was fine while he was there. DIdn't eat a thing and was watched all the time. Got into the car for the one mile drive home and he began to suck his thumb. In about one minute: "mommy, i don't feel very well". Holding his stomach, starting to drool (NO HIVES ANYWHERE AS HE HAD IN THE PAST FIRST). Sense of panic and impending doom "Mommy i don't feel very well". We just pulled up to our house and my husband hopped out of the car and pulled DS out and he was now crying a lot as if something bad was going on, drooling like crazy, running nose, gagging (no breathing probs) like he had to vomit, very rapid onset of symptoms, screaming. My DH was awesome. He said "this is an anaphylactic reaction". Gave him a teaspoon of benadryl within a minute, which he took without hesitation ( a first!!) and then my DH looked at me and said we have to use the epipen jr. He got it out, pulled out the gray cap on the end, we held his thigh and him, put it on his leg, pushed it in, held it upright and perpendicular with his leg for 10 seconds, took it out. DS did not mind it at all and in fact within 2 minutes, was immediately feeling MUCH BETTER. It was like magic. It was great! His itchy throat and everything went away just like that. we followed it up with an ER visit of course and he did well (in fact i think the doctors thought we were overreacting which we were NOT, because he looked so good when we got there except for upper lid swelling and redness). I am a doctor at that hospital and i had asked the head of pediatrics to send an email to all pediatricians, all allergists and ER docs about the seriousness of food allergies which he did and the resident (doctor in training) that came in the room asked "i remember receiving something about food allergies on my email, did you send it?". I told him to save this case and present it at one of their conferences to educate the many doctors who think food allergies are "all in your head". I used to think that before I "learned". Our DS appears emotionally okay after that so far and is still eating. we explained the issues to him (even though he is so young, he knows!!). I am overwhelmed with all of this. Don't want to ever let him out of my sight.

Posted on: Mon, 07/16/2001 - 2:32pm
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PS---we figured out that he had some residue on his thumb and when he started to suck it, he got the allergen into his body. After talking to the family we visited, i found out that a few days earlier, the neighbors brought over macadamia nut cookies and the 18 month old and the other child were eating them as they played....

Posted on: Mon, 07/16/2001 - 9:54pm
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I have to tell you, I got goosebumps and a chill when I read this post. I'm so glad your son is OK. I only hope that if that happens to us, we will react in the manner you denial. Thanks for posting it.

Posted on: Mon, 07/16/2001 - 11:23pm
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My eyes started to tear up when I was reading your post. You remained calm and handled it well. Just goes to show that you never know when and if it will get to the point of needing a shot.

Posted on: Tue, 07/17/2001 - 12:13am
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My eyes welled up while I read your story. Thank you for sharing. Every incident and every experience shared helps someone else. I am so relieved that your son is safe and okay, thanks to you and your husbands quick thinking..and confidence in treating him with the EpiPen.
Although we have never had to use one, I did practice yesterday on an apple. I am glad that I did. It mentally helped me to realize the feel and how long the needle will be. Toys have always frightened areas and parks too..pb is everywhere. How did you dispose of the EpiPen? Does the ER need to see what you used? Today I wish that I had taken nursing in school ... to be a Mom, is to be a nurse.

Posted on: Tue, 07/17/2001 - 5:50am
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Thanks for the support. Our lives are forever changed.
We put the needle tip into a plastic ball we had and threw it out. There was a thread on how to dispose of it in the past but i couldn't remember it at that time.
The ER did not need to see what we did---they just took our word for it.
The Epipen worked like magic.
The Epipen Jr is to be used for an ideal weight of 40 lbs? i think that is it, and then the adult epipen is needed. does anyone remember the ideal weight for the epipen jr. i can look it up at home.

Posted on: Tue, 07/17/2001 - 1:19pm
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Quote:Originally posted by AlwaysAvoidAnaphylaxis:
[b]Thanks for the support. Our lives are forever changed.
We put the needle tip into a plastic ball we had and threw it out. There was a thread on how to dispose of it in the past but i couldn't remember it at that time.
The ER did not need to see what we did---they just took our word for it.
The Epipen worked like magic.
The Epipen Jr is to be used for an ideal weight of 40 lbs? i think that is it, and then the adult epipen is needed. does anyone remember the ideal weight for the epipen jr. i can look it up at home.[/b]
The info that came with our Epi Jr. said 33-66 lbs.

Posted on: Tue, 07/17/2001 - 3:24pm
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I am so sorry that you had a cross contamination reaction. You did a great job of remaining calm. We had a reaction from cross contamination at a friends house over 2 years ago. It scared me, to realize that my daughter could react and not even have injested any peanut products. I just wanted to encourage you that we have gone 2 years without any type of reactions. (Our girls are entering second grade.) What advice do you all have for lowering the risk of cross contamination at school? ie: After THAT many children have eaten snacks, or always worries me that they will pick up residue from something.

Posted on: Thu, 08/02/2001 - 1:52pm
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Reading your story brings back that sick feeling in my stomache when I injected my little guy. He acted the same way as your son. My little guy was relieved when I injected the Epi-Pen, and his symptoms subsided too.
You'll never guess what happened at the ER though. After the four hour wait, the resident asked my son if he wanted a popsicle. DH reminds the doc to check the ingredients. Guess what? Yup. The package said "May contain peanuts/nuts". It was an eye opener for that resident.
It's been a year now since that happened, and I am finally calm enough to write a letter to the Director of the Children's Hospital of Western Ontario (located in London, Ontario, Canada).
Kudos to your DH! You are blessed with great support.

Posted on: Mon, 04/01/2002 - 2:21pm
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Simply re-raising in the hopes that aztec765 might see this.
AlwaysAvoidAnaphylaxis, I have to post again, that I have been SO fortunate with Jesse in that this hasn't happened. I've just been into two threads re this, so I won't triple post, but again, just SO fortunate.
Best wishes! [img][/img]

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