Used Epi for 1st Time Today!

Posted on: Fri, 09/20/2002 - 6:44am
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pI got a call from the school around 10:00 am today saying that Timmy was having an allergic reaction and they had given him benedryl at 9:30. They said he started out with eye swelling and a few hives but was now coughing. I raced to the school (had to get my 8 yos dressed quick first as he has been home from school with a high fever the last two days). I picked him up and brought him home and gave him a breathing treatment. Afterward it seemed to help for a little while but then he started to get worse again. He was sounding breathless when he talked and said his chest hurt really bad and had a hard time walking (as he usually does when he has an asthma attack). I called the allergist and asked him what to do and he said Epi and hospital. I had to literally hold him down to get him to let me give him the shot. He was totally hysterical!!! It really shocked me as we've talked a lot about it and I've told him what other kids on here have said, that it didn't hurt that bad. Come to find out later that when we went to the ER two and a half weeks ago when he had double pneumonia he heard a kid in another room getting a shot and screaming his head off and hysterical, so it gave him the idea that it was going to hurt really bad! Well, when I finally got the shot in his thigh he went from screaming to a big smile on his face! I said, see- it wasn't near as bad as you thought it would be was it? He grinned and sheepishly said, no. [img][/img] I took him to the ER (leaving his brother with the 95 year old lady next door till my friend could get here to pick him up). They were kinda surprised that I brought him to the ER because he was doing so well by that point! The Dr said the nurses questioned him on it and he told them that normally kids come in to be checked out after an Epi to make the parent feel better!?! [img][/img] I think I'm going to print up some info to take with me the next time! They seem sooooooooo clueless when it comes to allergies at this hospital!! UGH! Doesn't really help me to feel any better! I stayed for a couple of hours but he really did seem to be a lot better so I went ahead and taught one of my classes but told the principal that I wanted to keep him with me where I could keep an eye on him. He agreed. Of course Timmy had a ball being a first grader with a class full of 9th graders doting on him [img][/img] Anyway, alls well that ends well- I'm just still keeping a close eye on him for a biphasic reaction./p
pI don't think I'll ever hesitate again to give him the Epi. It was such an instantaneous help to his breathing it was just amazing! I don't think he'll ever be frightened of it again either, which is a big plus if they ever have to give him the shot at school./p
pTake Care,br /

Posted on: Fri, 09/20/2002 - 7:37am
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Hi Valerie,
I am so glad that your son is okay! Did the school say what Timmy had eaten or touched to cause this reaction?
I find it amazing how some ER people handle food allergies! Our son's allergist & Ped both specified that anytime an Epi is administered that a follow up to the ER is mandatory so vital's can be monitored and the proper meds can be administered via the ER personnel, ie steroids; Benadryl and another Epi if required.
In fact, our doctors also stated to make sure he went to the ER by way of Rescue so if another *attack* happened on the way, the paramedics could assist him and plus the fact if they do come by Ambulance, there is no waiting for go straight to the ER room with absolutely no waiting!
Using an EpiPen is a very scary thing. How is Mom? [img][/img]
Stay Safe!

Posted on: Fri, 09/20/2002 - 8:09am
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I'm so glad everything went well. How old is Timmy?
Want to know more about what the heck could cause a reaction at 10:00 a.m.?
A Good thread to start would be to ask those of you that have used an epipen, if you feel less frightened or more frightened now that you HAD to use one? More empowered, experienced, man the list could go on.

Posted on: Fri, 09/20/2002 - 10:41am
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Connie and Smack,
Thank you for the support [img][/img] I'm still feeling a little shaky, but doing pretty well I guess.
First I'll try to answer your questions:
The teacher had no idea what caused the reaction. Timmy said that shortly after he got to school his eyes seemed a little itchy. He waited till the whole class had a bathroom break and looked into the mirror to see if his eyes were puffy before letting the teacher know [img][/img] We will be having a little talk about waiting to tell her. The only thing that I could come up with is that occasionally Daddy will eat boiled pn's in his work truck and wash up real good before coming home and he gave the kids a ride to work in his truck this morning, but when I questioned him about it he said its been months since he has eaten any... So at this point I'm clueless as to what its from??? The only other thing is maybe there was pn residue on the cafeteria tables where he sat before school for 10 minutes???
That was my thoughts exactly! I requested that they take his blood pressure and they poo-poo'ed the idea saying that the oxygen sats are much more reliable??? Is this true? They said they almost never take the blood pressure of anyone under 15 because it was never accurate??
I'm feeling like I need someone just to let me break down and cry on their shoulder and let all of the anguish out!! I have stayed together all day and put on a brave front but now that its all over, I just really feel the need to lose it!
>>> How old is Timmy?<<<
He will be 7 years old on Sunday!
Still clueless!
At this point I feel a LOT less frightened about using the epi! I feel that I would never hesitate to use it again if the need arose and feel much more empowered. Actually I think Timmy feels the same way! He just came to me and asked me if he could try to do the Epi on himself the next time he needs it... he promised to practice all the time with the trainer LOL... I don't think I'm quite ready for him to do it himself at just turning 7 though!
Thanks again for being here for me [img][/img]

Posted on: Fri, 09/20/2002 - 11:24am
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It is stressful on the parents whenever there is a reaction. Our DS has had one that required epi and it was 14 months ago now. I am still not over it. He remembers it and he is now just 4. That reaction helps him stay safe now and follow the rules.
We would NEVER hesitate to give Epi. That is the one thing in our control and can save a life if given during the first 30 min of a reaction. It makes them feel better IMMEDIATELY.
I think the school should have called you right away. They waited too long. We have instructed the school to call us for any systemic complaint from our DS and we carry epi in an epibelt on myself and my DH and one of us has the 'red phone' on us at all times and are within 10 min of the school. School also has epi.
thank goodness your son is doing well.

Posted on: Fri, 09/20/2002 - 12:14pm
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I agree that they should have called me sooner... I live only 1 mile from the school, so I can be there in about 1-2 minutes or less [img][/img] There were actually 4 shots at school today. 1 in the office, 1 in Timmy's book bag, and 2 shots and benedryl in a case he had on him (he had an Allergy Pack which we absolutely loved and he lost it at the beach last week- I had reordered another one and got it in the mail just today... I just love those packs!!! It is so assuring to have it on him again! He had to use a fanny pack after he lost it and just hated it! The Allergy Pack hangs from his belt and he forgets its there, but it has a large Allergy logo on it so anyone would know at a glance what was in it. A benedryl fastmelt cut in a circle fits on top of the top of the shot right under the cap of the case just perfectly so he always has the shot and benedryl on him at all times.)
Take Care,

Posted on: Sat, 09/21/2002 - 6:50am
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Just checking in to see how you are. How is Timmy feeling?
I hope your son has a wonderful birthday tomorrow.
Stay Safe!

Posted on: Sat, 09/21/2002 - 9:26am
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He's just having a slight problem with the asthma but is real active and having a fun day with Daddy [img][/img]
Thanks for asking,

Posted on: Thu, 09/26/2002 - 10:41am
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hy valery i just wanted to check how timmy is doing and also michael is waiting for robbys email so please let him know and let us know how dit you manage ok
stay safe thomas

Posted on: Fri, 09/27/2002 - 8:13am
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Having used the Epi when my daughter had a few hives, swelling around the eyes, wheezing and no difficulty breathing, I think you are very brave to have treated him first with a nebulizer. I would have been afraid that the blood pressure would be dropping while I was taking the ten or fifteen minutes to do the nebulizer. This may sound a little wierd, but when my daughter had her reaction, I was more frightened of not using the Epi than of using it. It was in a way easier to use it than to have to make a decision not to and worry that she would get worse.
Glad to hear he is okay. A few months ago there were some posts, one by Cindy, about people dying even though Epi was given. I asked our allergist about this. He said that if you wait until the blood pressure is dropping, there isn`t good perfusion to the body, and often the medication stays in the thigh. He said that in the cases where Epi was used and the person died, the Epi was used 30 minutes or more after the reaction started. It`s great that you saw that it wasn`t all that bad doing it.
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Posted on: Fri, 09/27/2002 - 9:26am
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I agree.
I think the school waited too long.


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