Use of PEANUT OIL at Universal Studios Hollywood Park - Peanut Allergy Information

Use of PEANUT OIL at Universal Studios Hollywood Park

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Our recent trip to Universal Studios was very frustrating. Researching the park menu, etc. before going, I felt we could find something for my daughter to eat at the park. Before ordering food, I talked to the kitchen staff only to find out that they use PEANUT OIL to cook with. They couldn't garantee that any of the food hadn't been contaminated. Their website did not note that they used Peanut oil. My daughter didn't feel comfortable eating anything in the park. Want to make sure other parents do not have this same experience!!

By nursebrown54 on Jul 22, 2013

How awful! I bet the entire vacation was ruined...I can only imagine. It would be a great asset for somebody to open up a dedicated facility there. I am sure there are more people than they realize with food allergies, and only a few who would go unless there was a dedicated facility there. If there was a dedicated facility for the 8 major allergens, they would make a huge profit if they served customers with food allergies.

By kricar on Jul 23, 2013

I had no idea they cook with peanut oil. Happy to find this out before I plan a trip there. My husband and I love it there but our daughter has a peanut allergy so unless they change this food policy we wont be taking her there.