USAIR.. thumbs up!!


We just got back from a flight from the east coast to Arizona. The flight was totally fine. USAIR does not serve peanuts at all.. they do serve cashews in first class but no peanut products in any of their snacks or lunches. They were very willing to check on stuff for us and it was made aware to the entire flight crew that the 2 girls were on the plane. NO one said anything about our epi pens at all. We carried 10 of them on board and 4 more in our luggage.

On Oct 5, 2005

But don't forget that USAIR and America West are in the process of USAIR's peanut policy may change.

On Jan 28, 2006 DH just flew yesterday and the policy has officially changed and they now serve peanuts.

On Feb 1, 2006

because of the merger, they now serve peanuts. we are writing to complain. here is the chairman's address if you want to as well:

W. Douglas Parker 2345 Crystal Drive Arlington VA 22227