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Posted on: Wed, 05/02/2001 - 8:28am
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Dudek Brand Barszcz and Kapusniak Soups
Reason: Undeclared wheat flour.
Distribution: MI.
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Rookies Snax Brand Trail Mix Recalled
Reason: Undeclared sulfites.
Distribution: Nationwide.
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FDA First Notice: Crystal Soda Water Company Inc. Recalls Orange Soda
Reason: Undeclared FD&C Yellow No.6.
Distribution: PA.
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Hickory Harvest Foods Inc. Recalls Fruit and Nut Mixes
Reason: Contains FD&C Yellow No. 6.
Distribution: Nationwide.
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Leslie Ann Brand Orange Slices Recalled
Reason: Undeclared FD&C colors: Yellow #6, Red #3, and Red #40.
Distribution: OH.
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FDA First Notice: STR Brand Instant Egg Noodles Recalled
Reason: Uncertified color additive tartrazine
Distribution: FL, MA, NC, NY and TN.
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Posted on: Fri, 05/25/2001 - 1:55am
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Toronto, May 24, 2001 - Cappola Food Inc. is voluntarily recalling 2,219
cases of dry Italian style salamis which contain wheat flour, an undeclared
food ingredient. The product in question bears the Cappola brand name
and is also sold pre-packaged bearing the company identifier "Prepared for
Sunfresh Foods Ltd" on the bottom of a white label on each package. The
products are distributed Nationally. The salami products are sold as whole
pieces, cut pieces and in a sliced package. The whole and cut pieces
may be sliced and sold from deli counters.
The product varieties and production lots are:
(see: [url="http://www.inspection.gc.ca/english/corpaffr/recarapp/20010524e.shtml)"]http://www.inspection.gc.ca/english/corpaffr/recarapp/20010524e.shtml)[/url]
Distributors and retailers have been notified and are assisting with the
removal of product from warehouses and store shelves. The CFIA has
been notified and is monitoring the effectiveness of the recall.
There are no reports of allergic reactions associated with the consumption
of these products. These products are of concern only to persons allergic
to wheat. Consumers are advised to ask retailers who sell unlabelled deli
product if the product they have purchased is involved in the recall.
Consumers can call 416-633-0389 for any assistance identifying the product
or to answer any questions about reimbursement or other concerns.
Consumers who have product in their homes may return it to the store for a
full refund.
Media and Consumer Inquiries
Dion McGuire
Cappola Food Inc.
For more information, consumers and industry can call the CFIA at one of the following
In the province of Quebec 1-800-561-3350; or
In other provinces and territories 1-800-442-2342.
Media Enquiries:
Ken Marcynuk (English)
Canadian Food Inspection Agency
Office Of Food Safety and Recall
Pager : (613) 364-2058
Sharron Stewart (French)
Canadian Food Inspection Agency
Office Of Food Safety and Recall
Pager: 613-760-4112

Posted on: Fri, 05/25/2001 - 1:57am
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May 24, 2001
Rymer Meat, Inc. is voluntarily recalling 161,000 pounds of frozen pork
loin chops because they contain undeclared allergens (corn flour, eggs,
non-fat milk) and undeclared ingredients (corn starch and monosodium
glutamate or MSG).
The affected products are 30 lb. cases of "DAR FOODS RAW BREADED BONE
Each case bears the establishment number "6972" inside the USDA seal of
inspection and the product code "D20216." A lot code also appears on the
case. Product production dates and corresponding lot codes are as follows:
July 13, 2000 1924006-14
July 14, 2000 1925006-22
July 15, 2000 1926006-11
July 28, 2000 2065006-22
July 29, 2000 2066006-22
July 31, 2000 2131006-20
Oct. 27, 2000 2975016-23
Oct. 30, 2000 3041116-23
Oct. 31, 2000 3042008-14
Dec. 15, 2000 3465006-12
Dec. 28, 2000 3604006-09
Jan. 24, 2001 0223106-11
Jan. 26, 2001 0225106-09
Feb. 19, 20010501116-23
Feb. 20, 2001 0502116-23
Mar. 5, 2001 0641116
Mar. 12, 2001 0711123
Mar. 15, 2001 0714116-23
April 6, 2001 0925106-09
April 11, 2001 0993109-12
April 30, 2001 1201116-20
The products were distributed to food service establishments in Florida,
Georgia, and Virginia.
Consumers with questions about the recall may contact (773) 650-0558.
Consumers with other food safety questions can phone the toll-free USDA
Meat and Poultry Hotline at 1-800-535-4555.
The hotline can be reached from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. (Eastern Time), Monday
through Friday, and recorded food safety messages are available 24 hours a

Posted on: Fri, 05/25/2001 - 3:01pm
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Allergy Alert: Friendly Ice Cream Recalled in Twenty States
Reason: Undeclared egg whites.
Distribution: MA, ME, RI, CT, VT, NH, NY, NJ, PA, OH, VA, MD, DC, FL,
TN, IN, WV, MI, NC and SC.
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Posted on: Tue, 06/12/2001 - 11:06am
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Allergy Alert: Jungle Jammers Animal Cookies Recalled
Reason: Undeclared milk and eggs.
Distribution: KY, GA, MI, TN, MO, TX, CA, FL, NY, OH, MD and IN.
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Stay Safe,

Posted on: Tue, 06/12/2001 - 11:14am
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Cosmo's Food Products of West Haven, CT is voluntarily recalling 7 and 8 ounce Sundried Tomatoes in Pure Olive Oil because some labels may not declare sulfites on the ingredient statement
Stay Safe,
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Posted on: Wed, 06/13/2001 - 11:16am
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FDA First Notice: H.R. Davis Candy Company Recalls Coconut Dips Candy
Reason: Undeclared sulfites.
Distribution: OH.
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Stay Safe,

Posted on: Fri, 06/15/2001 - 8:19am
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Allergy Alert: Emperor Brand Shiitake Mushrooms Recalled
Reason: Undeclared sulfites.
Distribution: CA, WA, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan,
Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec.
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Stay Safe,

Posted on: Tue, 06/19/2001 - 11:46pm
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Jacobs Mikado Bisquits Recalled in New York
Reason: Undeclared sulfites.
Distribution: New York 5 boroughs and Nassau County.
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Stay Safe,

Posted on: Thu, 06/21/2001 - 2:39pm
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Nantucket Brownies-Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Net Weight 3 oz
UPC 0-95155-06001-6. Recall # F-428-1.
All product [as no lot code or use by date is on label].
Boston Cookies,Somerville, MA.
Manufacturer, by telephone, fax, and press release March 23, 2001. Firm
initiated recall is complete.
26 cases (12x3 oz).
The product contained undeclared walnuts.
Stay Safe,


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