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Me and 2 other peanut and nut allergic moms are trying to work with our legislator on having things in our state changed with regards to food allergies.

Right now in Delaware, a student can not carry an epi pen. There is one kept at the nurses office but the teacher is not permitted to have one nor is the student. My daughter's nurse allows us to have one.. but that is completely off the record and she could get in trouble if found out. ME and the other moms want this changed so the student can carry a pen at all times.

The other is the EMT situation. Right now only ALS (advanced life support) can carry and administer epinephrine. We have just 7 of them in the entire state! We want this changed too so all emts carry carry it.

Here's where I need your help. The rep I am speaking with wants to know how other states handle this in schools. Can you guys find out how your school district (or how the dept of education in your state)handles students with life threatening allergies. It may be statewide procedure or it may be individual.

Any information you can give me would really help alot!

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On Mar 31, 2003

As to the situation with the EMTs, you might look at legislation in WA state- this was changed in response to a fatality (PA) several years ago. The change was fairly recent, so there ought to be a way to track the process of enacting the legislation. (Or maybe even enlist some help from those who made it a reality, since most of them are probably still available to you.)

I will see if I can find some reference to this incident and the legislative process it engendered. (Would be useful anyway- the fatality is actually the example that I pull out anytime someone thinks that a five to ten minute response with epinephrine is adequate.) The inspiration for the change, ironically, is probably one situation for which it would have been no help anyway. [img][/img]

Here's a link to a news article about the problem, it's specific enough to give you info to use for your search. [url=""][/url]

And another link: [url=""][/url]

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On Mar 31, 2003

Hi In Fla Little v has doc orders to carry the Epi-pen, How ever she is only 3 1/2 yo so the teacher is going to carry it around and a cell phone as well.

As far as the Emergency 911 responce team In fla they can carry the Epi-pen.

Have you tried the statement 34 from the AAAAI.

The epi-pen is also used foe Bee stings. Have you brought that up?

Good luck and let us know how it is going. Love this site Synthia

On Mar 31, 2003

Wasn't sure if you have contacted FAAN about this, but you should. (They have proven very helpful in initiating dialogues about the necessity of timely epinephrine administration for anyone who needs it.)

Their information about EMTs and Epinephrine by state: [url=""][/url]

On Apr 1, 2003

I have contacted FAAN about the emt/epinephrine info. They've been very helpful.

What I really need is school procedures. I know NJ and NH are voting to allow students to carry epi pens. I need to know how other states do it!

Thanks so much for the story from WA. I cried thru the whole thing.

On Apr 1, 2003

Sandra Y has posted what her Illinois school gave her regarding administering the Epi etc... on the School Board.

On Apr 1, 2003

This will give you info on which states have legislation stating that epinephrine and/or inhaler may be carried on the student. Other states vary; most have guidelines which allow students to carry these, but then the individual school has the final decision. Two states (TN and WY), have guidelines which prohibit students from carrying epinephrine.