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Posted on: Sat, 01/28/2006 - 9:12am
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My DH flew on USAir last night from Philadelphia to Raleigh and they served peanuts. He was shocked and questioned the flight attendant and she said that they are once again serving peanuts on all flights. Was anyone else aware of this?

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Posted on: Tue, 04/04/2006 - 3:06am
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I am in charlotte(ft mill actually) and also outraged about this.
Please email me if I can do anything at all to help. anything
I have a couple threads about serving peanuts and had 20+ family and friends send emails to usair.

Posted on: Wed, 04/05/2006 - 10:06am
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I'm really surprised that they won't refund your tickets. They told me that they would for me although I'm waiting to see if they can resolve this. Our trip is not until November.

Posted on: Mon, 01/30/2006 - 11:22pm
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Hey, everyone,
I just got off the phone with USAir and it was such a disappointing phonecall. I was told everything from "It's OK, ma'am if your son has a peanut allergy, he doesn't have to eat the peanuts that we give him," to "There is no way that we can guarantee a peanut free flight since other passengers may bring peanuts." I told her that I _know_ they can't do that, I just want to know what USAir will do in order to help us -- will they not serve peanuts within three rows? Will they serve pretzels on that flight? And the answer that finally got, after much going around and around, was no, they will do nothing to help us out.

Posted on: Tue, 01/31/2006 - 2:41pm
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OK -- this is very BAD news for anyone who happens to fly on United Airlines but then actually ends up booked on a "codeshare" flight that is really operated by USAir.
This really, really peeves me. [img][/img]

Posted on: Wed, 02/01/2006 - 7:42am
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We recently booked flights to Disney on USAir for November 06' before I knew about the merge and change in policy.
We were all excited because since I have a USAirways credit card (for probably the last 15 years), I have a lot of miles accumulated so we were able to use them to obtain our tickets for this trip.
Of course, then I read here about the change in their peanut policy which has totally turned the whole thing upside down. Anyway, today, I spoke to someone in the Customer Relations department who told me that he was going to discuss this with some of the people who address policy issues since they have apparently received numerous calls from people about this issue since the merge. He said that no one really addressed how they would handle the issue of peanuts because it probably just got overlooked. Anyway, he said that he would probably get back to me within the next week.
I figure there are 3 possible results that can occur:
1. They go back to no nuts in main cabin, and peanut free throughout.
2. They continue to serve nuts but can substitute a nut free snack for certain flights if necessary.
3. They do nothing and continue to serve nuts making no accomidations to those with peanut allergies.
If number 3 ends up it, then how will I be compensated? They can't just refund our tickets since we used FF miles. They could reissue our FF miles but that would be worthless to us if their peanut policy remains in effect. I have a ton of miles accumulated that we wouldn't be able to use at all if this were the case.
I did express this to this man so that he would hopefully understand our situation. I mean, if we had paid for them without miles and they said that they would refund our money then I would just call American or Jet Blue and rebook with them. However, I chose to accumulate frequent flier miles with US Airways because they had always been an airline that we could travel with safely.
I must say, that I actually felt like the guy was pretty sympathetic to our problem. He kind of sounded like he thought that the policy really should go back to not serving peanuts again.
Anyway, I'll keep you all posted on the results.

Posted on: Wed, 02/01/2006 - 3:08pm
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my husband flies usairways every week. he told me he got peanuts last week for the first time and that the flight attendant was very understanding when he was upset about them serving peanuts because of our son. the flight attendant said they would serve peanuts on some flights and pretzels on others randomly. then he gave my husband a number to call. when he got home, he called and the customer service rep was rude and basically told my husband that if he felt he needed to fly another airline, then he should just go ahead. anyway, he was obviously so mad at this service considering he flies with this airline regularly. today we got the chariman's address ...let's let them hear what we think about peanuts on usairways flights....
W. Douglas Parker
2345 Crystal Drive
Arlington VA 22227

Posted on: Thu, 02/02/2006 - 12:02am
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Does anyone know of a air line that is safe?

Posted on: Thu, 02/02/2006 - 12:28am
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USAir update from Jamey:
I just got a (very nice) phone call from a customer service rep at USAir. He was very understanding and apologized that I had been "blindsided" by the responses that I got earlier this week from USAir. Basically, this is the deal: USAir was also kind of caught off guard by the new policy -- they didn't know about the decision to serve peanuts until it was already in place, and they have been hearing from a lot of people (but, of course!). They're having meetings now in order to revisit the decision. They are also keeping a database of everyone who contacts them about the peanuts and will contact them / us all individually when a decision has been reached. In the meantime, he says, they have no procedures to follow so if anyone has a ticket for the next couple of months they should be as prepared as they can.
So, at least they are listening. It seems to me that now would be a really good time if anyone else wants to give them feedback. [img][/img] Not only does it look like they are actually listening, but you will also be informed of the "final" decision (helpful or not) once it comes about.
I think this is the link that you can use to email a comment online:
(This is the address I used to write to them and got a phone call response within 48 hours).
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Posted on: Thu, 02/02/2006 - 2:26am
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Quote:Originally posted by kkeene:
[b]Does anyone know of a air line that is safe?[/b]
American Airlines, I fly them pretty much exclusively now. Check into Delta though too, somewhere I heard (but cannot confirm) that they were going no peanuts too.
30-year old survivor of severe peanut/tree nut allergy

Posted on: Thu, 02/02/2006 - 9:44am
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Great job, Sammy's Mama,
I wonder if you talked to the same guy as me, Tim Graham. He honestly seemed quite sympathetic to the situation.
I am cautiously optomistic. At least it seems like we have a supportive advocate.
I definately hope that others will call or email to express their concerns. If anyone wants to call rather than email, the number is 1-866-523-5333. Fyi: Stay on the line despite repeated prompting to choose certain options. If you wait until the choices repeat two or three times, it will finally connect to a live person.
Good Luck!


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