Urticaria Pigmentosa....anyone else have this?

Posted on: Fri, 06/01/2001 - 1:45am
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pMy son has Urticaria Pigmentosa. Just wondering if anyone else has this skin condition. He has about a one inch spot on his back and about 5 more the size of a pencil tip on his torso. They basically look like birthmarks but when scratched or irritated (changes in temps, sun exposure)swell up like a hive. They have histamine inside that make them swell up. /p
pThey don't seem to bother him very much but I have noticed recently his skin is a little more itchier - but this is everywhere - not on the spots. He is on an antihistamine every day for the itchy skin. /p
pJust wondering if anyone else has dealt with this as it seems to be an uncommon disorder from what I have read. I'm curious if it is related to his peanut allergy or allergies in general./p
pLuckily my sons aren't really that bad. I've seen pictures on the web and at the dermatologists office where they are covering a large area./p

Posted on: Mon, 06/04/2001 - 12:27am
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Quote:Originally posted by Sharayand:
[b]My son has Urticaria Pigmentosa. Just wondering if anyone else has this skin condition. [/b]
Hello. I too suffer from urticaria (hives) which are allergically related. It started about 18 months ago. Before that I never had a hive and didn't know what they were. Mine were quite severe, and I had them 24/7 in some cases all over my body. It is a terrible situation when they get that bad.
I visited many Dr's, including some well respected allergists who could do nothing but prescribe medications to reduce the histamine. I wouldn't take any of them. None of them had any idea what the underlying problem was. I spent hundreds of hours researching what could be causing my hives. After making some lifestyle changes and doing NAET I have been able to get rid of the hives almost 95%. I'm not quite through with NAET yet and expect they'll be gone 100% after I am.
IMO hives are caused by allergies and dysfunctional immune system. They will get worse if you don't do anything about it and the prescription anti-allergy/inflammatory medications are quite destructive to your body if taken for any length of time (read the labels!)
You could try NAET or some other protocol, but at the very least you should try to identify exactly what the cause of your son's hives are so you can either avoid those substances or get him treated for them. I've talked with many hives sufferers during my trials with this and they do *not* go away on their own. Hives are your body's last-ditch effort to rid itself of something it perceives as a toxin which it cannot rid itself of any other way. It is an emergency reaction.
I hope this is helpful to you. BTW, I don't make a habit of posting here so I may not receive any reply.

Posted on: Tue, 06/05/2001 - 5:19am
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JAV ~ I don't know if you actually read my whole post or not...but my sons condition is different than regular hives (hence the Pigmentosa). The only way to remove these are if they actually cut them out of his skin surgically (they would have to put him to sleep) or by possibly using steroid cream but that is iffy and they don't seem to bother him that much to warrant that in my opinion.
I was curious if anyone else had dealt with this before. Your post seems to be more of an advertisement for NAET and I'm happy with the care my sons allergist and dermatologist are giving him at this time.
Thanks anyways.

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