URGENT - State Budget for Full-time School Nurses

Posted on: Tue, 11/16/1999 - 5:20am
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There is a possibility that Governor Celluci will choose to veto the bill providing funds for additional full-time school nurses. Apparently the original $10 million has already been cut to $6.5 million. IF YOU CARE please call now: 1 617.727.6250, reference bill #4590-0451. Ask the Governor to reinstate the total $10 million and to require certification for school nurses. In addition, please e-mail the Governor at [email]goffice@state.ma.us[/email]

If this bill is vetoed it will be important to call your state reps and senators tomorrow to ask them to override this veto. Check this bulletin board later tonight/tomorrow for an update.

Posted on: Tue, 11/16/1999 - 7:22am
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Massachusetts, USA

Posted on: Tue, 11/16/1999 - 2:45pm
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Nov. 17,1999
The governor (MASS, USA) has just reduced (cut) the money for the school nurses. We only have today to see if we can contact our state representatives and have the house override so we will get the funding. If we succeed today then we need to contact the senate tomorrow. I have been told that it goes to the house first, there is a 2:30 deadline but I have heard that it is not dead until midnight (this may or may not be correct so do what you can asap!) Then if the house overrides it then goes to the Senate. If this does not get passed, we will have to start all over again! This economy and money is a good time to push for these safety issues! This has been a many year effort by many people. Please make the effort necessary today!
See the post below for more info and also there will be a post to direct you to how to contact your house representative.
BELOW IS OLD MESSAGE FROM THIS POST JUST FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES: (This was the first action but now it is past this point)
Please support the 6.5 million dollars for school nursing in the MA budget (line item # 4590-0451) by calling the
Governor's office today 1 (617) 727-3600. Please also call your Representative and Senator and ask them to vote
to override if the Governor vetoes.
Marcia Buckminster
Massachusetts School Nurse Organization
Nov. 17, 1999
Stay Safe,
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Posted on: Wed, 11/17/1999 - 12:18am
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Dear Friends:
Governor Cellucci is proposing a cut the amount of funds to be allocated to
Massachusetts School Nurses from $6.5 million to $3.25 million. Please call
your State Representative and State Senator AS SOON AS POSSIBLE today and ask
them to override the Governor's action line item: 4590-0451. We need to
have enough nurses in our schools.
Thank you for your immediate attention.
Patricia Goldman
Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America
Stay Safe,

Posted on: Wed, 11/17/1999 - 1:14am
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Here is a link to help you find contact information (phone etc.) for your local state representatives.
Stay Safe,

Posted on: Wed, 11/17/1999 - 1:33am
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Just a note: Since my last post I have called and voiced my opinion to each of my house representatives. I just wanted to show you that this does not take a lot of time and that you can do it very quickly if you need to. I had a much longer conversation with their offices than you will probably need to, and it still only took a few minutes.
Stay Safe,

Posted on: Wed, 11/17/1999 - 2:43am
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Many of our children are at risk because there are not school nurses at their school. This may be because there is not one assigned to the school or because there may only be a part time nurse. Even yesterday there was a child who had a reaction in my city, thank God there was a nurse on hand to administer the Epinephrine (and that there was a plan in place).
We need all of our schools to have full time nurses, to be there in a medical emergency.
Home page: [url="http://www.PeanutAllergy.Com"]http://www.PeanutAllergy.Com[/url]
Stay Safe,
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Posted on: Wed, 11/17/1999 - 3:39am
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Nov. 17,1999
As the result of the Governor's Commission to Survey School Nursing in Massachusetts (1996), a coalition was formed to put a nurse in every school in the state both public and private.
The founding members of this coalition were the MA School Nurse Organization, the MA Nurses Association, the Asthma and Allergy Foundation New England, the American Cancer Society and the Parents Alliance for Catholic Education. The survey of school nurses in MA substantiated that many school systems were putting their children's health and safety at risk by not having a full time nurse on site. The connection between a child's health and their ability to fully access their educational opportunityes is well documented. We have been working hard to educate our legislators,school personnel,
human service organizations and even our fellow nurses about the increasing need for nurses in the schools. Last February our first Lobby Day at the Statehouse was very successful with many parents, students, nurses and legislators giving their support for increased nursing services in our schools. The MA budget which came out last week gave 6.5 million dollars for school nursing. Gov. Cellucci cut that figure in half to 3.25 million. We are asking that everyone call their senator or representative TODAY to ask them to override the Governor's cut. The main number at the statehouse is 1 (617) 722-2200 and you may ask to be connected to your rep. or senator.
This is a children's health issue. Does your child have a full-time RN in his/her school? Who gives emergency care or hands out medicines? It has been proven that, if there is a nurse, on site absences decrease,trips to the E.R. or doctor's office diminish and fewer chidren need to be sent home.
PLEASE CALL. This budget process will be over tonight at midnight. No matter what happens we will continue to ask for additional funding next year and the next until we have sufficient nurses to meet our children's needs. We have already started the process.
Join us on Lobby Day at the statehouse February 9, 2000 in Nurses Hall. Parents, students and school staff are encouraged to tell their stories and voice their concerns to our legislators.
MA School Nurse Organization

Posted on: Thu, 11/18/1999 - 4:59am
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I want to take a minute to thank everyone who helps support us financially with donations, without everyone's participation we would not be able to do the work we do. We worked hard on the above mentioned issue and it is only possible because we are working together as a group.
PeanutAllergy.Com is under great financial pressure. There is so much that we are doing and so much more that we want to be able to work on also. If you have not sent a donation and/or joined PeanutAllergy.Com as a member please do today! Here is a link to the form
[url="http://www.nutallergy.com/maillist.htm"]http://www.nutallergy.com/maillist.htm[/url] (or you can e mail me for more info)
We are glad we were able to be here to work on this issue and could help in obtaining the the money for the school nurses etc..
Here are a few examples of thank you e mails we received for working on this issue>>>
e mail>>>
We got the 6.5 million for school nursing. It went through the House
another e mail>>>
Yes, it passed the House (unanimously) and the Senate. It's a 'done deal".
Thanks for your help.
I hope you realize how important it is to be organized and set up to fight for ourselves.
Please, if you take your allergy seriously, let us know and help us help you, join in!
Please don't wait till the last minute when you realize you need help (such as with your school or airline) to then decide you would like a place set up to help you. Support it now! Help us grow and be strong!
We can do a lot for ourselves, together, organized as a (world wide) group!
While I was typing this another thank you came in. Here is the e mail text>>>
Dear Kim and Chris,
Thank you both for getting people to call their legislators yesterday to
override the Governor's action on the bill to increase the number of school
nurses. This is something we have worked on for several years - and we did
not want to see the Governor drop it at the very last minute!
This is a start, by the way, towards the full number of nurses that are
needed, but it will make it easier, I think, to go after more in the
For those of your people who also spoke to legislators about overriding
the Governor's veto of funds for tobacco control, we thank them very much
that as well. We know that children who are exposed to tobacco smoke are
twice as likely to develop asthma. Now, when there is momentum to do more
about reducing smoking, these funds will make it easier to pay for smoking
cessation programs, preventing another generation from starting to smoke
becoming addicted to tobacco, and enforcing existing laws preventing sales
I would appreciate it if you could either forward this message to your
people, or let them know how much the Asthma & Allergy Foundation of
America/New England Chapter appreciates their calls.
Patricia Goldman, Executive Director
One of the many things we did to help work on this issue was to contact everyone on our Massachusetts list to let them know what was going on and how they could help. (This is one of many reasons we like to have your (yes everyone's) email, address and phone numbers. If you do not let us know you are out there we can't contact you! One of the things people did was to call their representatives.
Here is a link to the contact info etc. form
[url="http://www.nutallergy.com/maillist.htm"]http://www.nutallergy.com/maillist.htm[/url] (or you can e mail me for more info)
Stay Safe,

Posted on: Thu, 11/18/1999 - 6:06am
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Press release
For immediate release
For more information, call Chris Papkee at (207) 766-5292.
Part of the credit for overturning Massachusetts Gov. Paul Cellucci's
veto of school funding has to go to PeanutAllergy.Com.
The web site provides information to parents of children who can die if
they eat foods that contain even minute amounts of peanuts. Cellucci's
veto would have prevented each school from having a nurse qualified to
assist allergic children.
The operator of PeanutAllergy.Com, Chris Papkee, sent e-mail danger alerts
from Medford Mass. to parents of Massachusetts families that
use the nationwide web site. He also posted legislators' names, e-mail
addresses and phone numbers on the site. Many of those parents contacted
the legislators immediately.
"This is something we have worked on for several years - and we did
not want to see the Governor drop it at the very last minute!" Patricia Goldman, Executive Director Asthma & Allergy Foundation of
America/New England Chapter
"The people at PeanutAllergy.Com played a vital roll in the fight to make
sure kids have nurses at their schools. Children's health is too
important to be sacrificed to politics. I am glad we were able to make a difference." said Chris Papkee, Founder of PeanutAllergy.Com "We were glad we were able to join in the fight and work together with others such as the Massachusetts School Nurse Organization"
The site, at [url="http://www.peanutallergy.com,"]http://www.peanutallergy.com,[/url] is available to all and fills a vital roll. It was established in 1998 because there was a need for information and organization within the peanut allergy community and those concerned with the life threatening allergy. There are thousands of hits on the site each week.
Chris Papkee said: "We saw that kids were going to be hurt if parents
let this veto slip by. We feel a responsibility to protect children who are seriously at risk. The kids we deal with could be facing death."
Peanut allergy is considered a life long, life threatening food allergy.
You can find information about the allergy on the site, along with Discussion Boards, etc.
Stay Safe,
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Posted on: Wed, 04/05/2000 - 9:51am
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I've been so wrapped up in the main discussion board that I've overlooked this board until now. I feel very bad about that. Is it too late to call or have I "missed the boat?" If it's too late, what is the current issue on the table - I want to be proactive and help - so does my husband. We're new to this part of dealing with pa, but we are more than ready to get politically involved. Please advise!

Peanut Free Store

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