Urgent advice needed about Kids Programs at WDW


We are travelling to WDW in 5 days (last minute trip and first visit there) and I am the one that is PA (DS has never had peanuts but has tested that he is not allergic). Even though DS is not PA, he has never had anything with peanuts as they can not be in the house because of my allergy, but even if he had them outside of the house, if he didn't wash his hands properly, or even kissed me on the cheek after eating, and I got a trace on my hands and somehow touched my mouth (which has happened before as a child, I had a reaction from a grain of salt (yes a grain of salt)that was transfered to my hand from someone that had eaten peanuts and I touched my mouth and voila, off to the emergency room with blocked airway etc). As I'm sure most of you understand, with it only taking a tiny trace to have a reaction, NOBODY in my family eats peanuts.

So we are off to WDW and my son would love to do the Albatross treasure cruise (from yacht club marina I believe) and also the Pirate adventure at Grand Floridian. The problem is that they supply lunch on both of these programs for the kids and the menu for both programs is PB&J sandwiches, cookies and a juice box. Now just the thought of this gives me shivers.

Has anyone been to WDW and their PA children have done either or both of these programs? If so did you notify them when you booked and they served something different? Even though DS is not allergic, I just can not have him eating a PB&J sandwich then picking him up from the program, his breathe and hands will be all PB. If they did not serve a different sandwich then I just couldn't send him.

Thank you


On Apr 5, 2008

First, I have to say it's nice to read about someone who has been living this for 30+ years, and by that I mean as a parent, it makes us feel better to hear from the adults and their experiences.

I haven't done WDW, but have read great experiences from other posters about them being very accomodating. Hopefully will do this someday with my PA child. Can you call and ask if they accomodate if the child is allergic? What would the risk be with your child being around others who are eating this? Would your child be around the other kids? Would you be around the other kids? If I were you, I would definitely call and see if they accomodate for the allergy. Best of luck!

On Apr 6, 2008


I would call asap and ask. We have only done disneyland and only had to have special food for one table not an entire program, but they were very accomodating.