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Posted on: Wed, 03/21/2001 - 8:11pm
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pHI, I havn't posted in a LONG time.....we have been doing so well maintaining my sons allergies, it hardley seems like he has them. of course, the time came again for more tests...He had his original testing done at 5 months old. He had extremely bad eczema from birth, and was reacting to alot of foods I ate through his milk. His original test showed dairy, wheat, egg, and possibly peanuts( it was borderline) on a skin prick test. We later found he was also reacting to rice,bananas, peaches, sweet potatoes. He has since outgrown the rice allergy. ( he is now 16 months old) We went in yesterday for another skin prick test and it still showed reaction to dairy and wheat, a BIG reaction to the peanut this time, and no reaction to egg. I had been a little in denial this whole year about the peanut ( and still am , I guess....) but this is making me really start to take notice....his dr. ordered a cap rast on the peanut and dairy, so I am anxious to see what comes of that. She has us coming in for a challenge test on the egg in 2 weeks , and that has me a little nervous too, but it will be great if he is ok with it. the Dr. gave us prescribtion for the epi pens, I think this will really hit home when they are in my hand...........Jen/p

Posted on: Wed, 03/21/2001 - 11:13pm
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Hi Jen, I can understand your fears now that your son had such a big reaction to his peanut skin prick test. Hopefully by keeping him totally away from peanuts there will be the chance that he could outgrow it. I would be concerned about doing an egg challenge test on a 16 month old. The AAP's current guidelines for egg introduction are to wait until age two when there is any history of food allergy. It is always possible that by waiting until age 2 your son could avoid developing the allergy. If it were my child I would continue to avoid eggs until then, and then try the challenge. Good luck! Miriam

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