Upcoming Travel Concern


I'm taking my daughter to Hawaii for her 16th birthday in a few weeks and I am very concerned about the airline serving peanut products on the plane. I have contacted them and they assured me that they would take extra precautions for her safety. They also said that I would be allowed to board the plane early to clean her seating area and extra pretzels would be stocked for our flight. Anyone who has a peanut allergy and has traveled via airplane please give me your firsthand experience along with any info on how to make sure my daughter is safe. She does carry an epi-pen, inhaler & bendryl @ all times.

Thanks! Penny

By NicoleMc on May 15, 2010

Hi Penny,

It sounds like the airline is not going to serve nuts onboard so thats a very good first step. Have you looked into whether they will make any onboard announcements? We fly only with airlines that are willing to make a request that people refrain from taking out nut products. Though they will always tell us that they cannot guarantee that everyone onboard will comply they make every effort possible to communicate the seriousness of the situation. Our son is severely allergic to peanuts and tree nuts.

We do the same as you and preboard to wipe everything down. We previously used to buffer him from nut residue with his own blanket (we now use seat covers). We also carry extra epi-pens, for which we bring a doctor's note. That is my peace of mind for if they had to land the plane and it was to take a bit of time to get to a hospital.

I always make sure to have extra food on hand for my son as we never feed him anything we are not absolutely sure about when in the air (of course you cannot bring your own beverages on board due to limitations on liquid products) I have plenty of wipes close at hand and make sure that whenever we handle his food or he is about to eat, we rewipe our hands and the table tray if it has been put up at any time since the first wipe down. Other than that, we just keep a close eye on how he is doing throughout the flight.

Good luck Penny...sounds like you are taking the right measures already...hope you have a great flight!

Nicole www.nutritionforyourcondition.com