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Unsafe School Snacks

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My daughter is starting Kindergarten, and so far the school has been very helpful. They have agreed to keep peanut products out of the classroom, but they would like a list of unsafe snacks. The teacher is going to walk around the room to check everyone's snack. She is concerned about not knowing all the products that peanuts are in. If anyone knows where there might be a list that I can give the teacher, it would be very helpful! Thanks.

On Aug 22, 2001

kelly'smom, wouldn't it be easier to provide a Safe Snack and Lunch List rather than an unsafe one? I think you'd actually find that the unsafe one is a heckuva lot longer and harder to comprehend than a Safe one.

There is a Safe Snack and Lunch list posted on the board. I'll re-raise it so you can have a look at it and see if it's okay for your school to use.

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On Aug 22, 2001


Here is a copy of a handout I gave to my daughter's teacher this year. It's VERY SPECIFIC to our stores and the brands that we can buy here in our town. I didn't put it together, it was sent to me by a friend whose daughter was in a class with a PA kid.

The mother who put this together literally looked at every package in the cookie aisle at the grocery store, LOL! It sounds like that's what your school is asking you to do! Anyway, this might give you an idea for your own list ...

(BTW, it's pretty long!)

------ Peanut & Nut Allergies and Snacks in the Classroom

Children who have nut allergies will usually have their own treats and snacks in the classroom, but by taking care that all snacks brought into the room are peanut and nut free, this will help ensure that the room is as safe and uncontaminated as possible.

The following is a basic guideline to assist parents who are planning snacks for classroom activities. This information seems to change rather frequently as companies change manufacturing sites. This is a basic list of cookies and crackers offered at Safeway and IGA. The packages should always be rechecked as conditions in factories are constantly changing.


Homemade baked goods are NOT preferred to package mixes. If homemade from "scratch," foods are made in a NON nut-free home, there is a great risk of cross-contamination of ingredients. For example, the peanut butter knife was used in the butter, or the same measuring cup was used for nut items and in the sugar or flour. Some children are so sensitive that eating raisins that were stored in a pantry next to nuts could cause a reaction.

Packaged prepared/ canned icing is nut free. However, once again, if they are not prepared in a nut-free environment, that fact may be irrelevant.


Christie: FudgeeO's Chips Ahoy Teddy Grahams (Honey and Chocolate Chip) Rainbow Chips Ahoy Dream Puffs Chunks Ahoy

Stonehenge: All varieties seem to be acceptable except for the Chocolate Chip Pecan

Peek Freans: All varieties appear to be acceptable

Safeway Select: Very Chocolate Super Raisin Swirls (all varieties) Assorted fruit and fig newton bars

On Aug 23, 2001

The only problem with giving specific lists (either safe or unsafe) is that ingredients change.