Unreasonable Request????

Posted on: Tue, 02/23/1999 - 12:55pm
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I am fatally allergic to peanuts, my husband is mildly- we have a one year old-who I am concerned about but do not want to put him throughallergy teats yet. I am a stay at home mom and rarely ever leave him, hence, I have alot of control of his environment. My in-laws however are aware of the problem and consequences of a peanut reaction. However, the still have peanuts, and peanutbutter in thier house. THe problem is: we go there often for dinner and I am scared of numerous things (cross contamination, a knife use in peanutbutter, then butter) no matter how careful you are, things can happen. Is it unreasonable to ask them to remove all nut and nut products out of their house????????



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