Unload your mystery symptoms here.


Yesterday, my oldest had a swollen, red, itching left eye at school. Sniffing more than usual. After lunch. No other symptoms. No specific reason.

On Aug 25, 2005

Also yesterday.....My dd started scratching the back of her leg. Then her neck and her one ear. The top of her chest too.

We were heading into the movie theatre. I took her into the bathroom and checked her all over.

Her back had one giant 6 inch area on it with one big raised center surrounded by little raised areas. The little ones were across between mosquito bites and water blisters. All of these itchy areas were red.

The areas ranged in size from 1.5 inches to 5 inches across. The raised area and the little raised areas were the same colour as her skin - NOT red.

I watched her like a hawk. Cell phone ready to call 911 ICE. By the time the end of the movie came, she was fine again. The red, raised areas were almost gone.

Then when we got home, within an hour, they started all over again.

This time they were in completely different spots.

Her stomach, on both sides of the belly button, her whole wrist all the way around, and the top of her shoulder.

This time I gave Benydryl and they too were gone in about an hour.

I checked on her while she slept every hour. I would go into her bedroom, turn on the lights, take the covers off and check her all over while she slept.

This morning, she's fine.


I took a picture. This one is her wrist.


not sure if this will work

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On Aug 25, 2005

Yesterday I ate a soya bean. Just one to try it out. My tongue got tingly and swollen in the middle. My throat felt funny. I took a Benadryl and went to bed with an epi pen by my side.

Guess I am allergic? Who knows, DS is.


On Aug 25, 2005

Since reaction 2 weeks ago, can't seem to stop these little symptoms.

The white of DD's eye swells almost as if her cornea is pushed into her eye (really gross).

Today her face went beet red everywhere except for around her mouth - looked like she had clown makeup on. She had a single dime-sized hive on the side of her jaw.