United not totally peanut free

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We recently flew United to Hawaii. I researched their policy and they informed me that they did not actually serve peanuts. However, they did pass out a "mixed nut" snack. And although it did not contain actual peanuts, the ingredients listed peanut oil!

On Jul 16, 2000

I also ran into this awhile back....that peanuts may not mean all NUTS! One stewardness looked at me and said "are cashews ok?" I think I turned pale cause she grabbed my hand and said" no worry, but I can tell by your expression that they aren't"....they had planned cashews and almonds to replace peanuts! ahhh!!!! but my fault cause I didn't specify enough! This was with US AIR....they were MORE than willing to help though!

On Jul 21, 2000

RE: United flight & snack: Do you still have the package that was served &/or the name & manufacturer of the snack product? Please take the time to write a letter to United Airlines about the snack served, it's list of ingredients, & include dates & flight numbers -- then PLEASE let us know what their response is. UAL needs to know about this problem so that they can address it -- it may have been a snack vendor's error or it could be a loophole in the wording of the UAL corporate policy & instructions ("peanut free") to their snack vendor on that route. Your letter to UAL does not have to be lengthy, just state the facts & ask for a simple reply. All of us who travel with PA family members will be thanking you for your persistence on this matter! EB

On Jul 21, 2000

Contact info from the UAL website:

"To help us serve you better, please provide as many details as possible, such as:

Dates, flight numbers, and itinerary. Airport, ticket office, or facility to which you are referring. Names of the United personnel involved. Copy of your ticket and boarding pass, or E-TicketSM receipt. Class of service (first, business, or economy). Your name, address (street or email), and telephone number. "

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