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Posted on: Fri, 01/23/2004 - 3:10pm
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i was talking with my mom tonight and she refreshed my memory about something that happened a little over 10 years ago. i know it was awhile back, but i thought some of you may find it kind of interesting anyway.

when i was younger my brother worked for united airlines and my family was able to take advantage of free first class flights. i am PA so my parents were very cautious on the fights. one time on a flight from california to the east coast my mom asked the flight attendent if the blueberry muffins would be safe for me to eat. she responded with a not so polite, "what do i look like a ****** chef." my mom explained why she needed to know the information. well, the flight attendent apparently didnt find the explanation of my deadly allergy sufficient. 10 minutes later she came back with a list of passengers on board the flight and said that she was going to be sure that my brother was out of his job and that we would never fly the airline again. at this point i was going insane... me a poor little kid crying cause i was scared i was going to die from a peanut and because id caused so much trouble for everyone.

anyway, about a month later this flight attendent had the nerve to try and file a law suit against my parents for harassment. it never made it to court and my brother had the pleasure of firing her.

i was just wondering if anyone else had experienced anything like this. i know this was a while ago, but everytime i fly now i think about it and it scares me a little to think i may be confronted with such hostility and ignorance that many feet above the ground. i have no fear of flying in itself (i actually have a pilot license) im just scared senseless about dieing on a plane from a stupid peanut. now if only i had enough money to buy a plane and fly myself everywhere. hehe.

i promise if i ever win a billion dollars ill start up a completly nut free airline ;-)

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Posted on: Sat, 01/24/2004 - 2:45am
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I think this story just cements my inability to trust anyone except myself and my family when asking about peanuts in foods.
Really the flight attendant would not know or care if there were peanuts in that muffin unless she had been educated prior to your flight. One big reason to never eat anything you cannot be 100% sure of.
100% certain in my book is preparing the food yourself from safe ingredients and storing that food in a place where it will not get contaminated.
My DH has a doctor acquaintance whose wife is PA. She has all sorts of reactions everywhere she goes and her husband is getting irate because wait staff does not have the proper information about a food the wife is about to eat! So why the heck is the wife eating willy nilly all over the globe?
Jeez, tighten up your comfort zone a bit doc and stop your complaining. Don't expect
others to take PA as seriously as we are supposed to take it.
So I say trust yoursef and those you have educated but no one else.
Good luck

Posted on: Sat, 01/24/2004 - 10:13am
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I saw a PAN AM flight attendant throw head phones at a little girl one time, but back to PA.
We always fly USAir, and even though they no longer serve peanuts, I still alert the crew to my sons' nut allergies when we board. They usually answer with a kind, "Thank-you," but some roll their eyes. Oh well, bad apples in every bunch. It sounds like your flight attendant had "issues" that probably neither started nor ended with your encounter.
My sister in Cincinnati said there was a story on the news a few years ago about a peanut allergic pilot who flew only private peanut free flights.

Posted on: Mon, 01/26/2004 - 8:02am
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My .02/worth:
You were treated like dog manure on that flight for at least 2 reasons:
#1 -- You were Non-revving (flying free, AKA non-revenue), AND
#2 -- You met with FAWA -- Flight Attendant With Attitude.
Sadly, this was a brutal combination. These days on UAL, unless your employee/sponsor is relatively Senior, you don't even stand a chance of non-revving in coach, let alone 1st class.
And all airlines seem to have their share (wealth) of employees with bad attitudes these days -- sign of the time, I'm afraid.

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