United flight had nuts

Posted on: Mon, 05/28/2001 - 1:52pm
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pFlight from Chicago to MD had a nut mix snack. This happened after notification to the airline of a pa child on board. My sister did not check what the snack would be when boarding. However, she did at the time the tickets were purchased. A rep met herbr /
at the gate, confirmed that it is their policy not to serve nuts, and will mention it to corp head. My sister is also writing a complaint.br /
Just wanted to warn you./p

Posted on: Thu, 05/31/2001 - 10:53am
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My understanding has been that they do not serve peanuts as snacks but they do serve nuts. Also, I believe they do not guarantee truly peanut-free meals, and there may well be cross-contamination.

Posted on: Thu, 05/31/2001 - 11:26am
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When I called, Iwas told "no nut" snacks would be served.
I do not mind the meals, and I am not concerned about cross-contamination, I do not plan on feeding my daughter any airline food.
However, the snack worries me. I worry about all those snack bags being opened at the same time, and my dd inhaling nut dust.
Any thoughts?

Posted on: Fri, 06/01/2001 - 5:13am
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Last flight we had w/United, I was informed that (after I voiced concerns 72 hrs prior to flight) "all our flights are peanut-free, Ma'am." I explained that we do not know how sensitive our daughter is, but that she has experienced anaphylactic reactions in the past. I was very clear about this.
Well, I ordered a fruit plate for our then 18 mo old severely pa, egg allergic child. Imagine my SHOCK and dismay when the "fruit plate" arraived complete with a peanut butter packet to apply to the rice cake in it.
I was furious. FURIOUS doesn't even come close. The vegan woman across the aisle from us also had the same "fruit plate" and I can remember for the last 3 hours of the flight smelling that peanut butter and trying desperately to sniff really really hard so as to "suck" all of the peanut vapors out of the air near my child. She had diarrhea later on in the day.... we thought it was just the upset of flying. hmmmm. Now I wonder. Well, we were in the process of a cross-country move, so I never really took the time to complain, but meant to.
To make a long story short, we have flown Northwest since then, and they were much much more understanding and receptive.

Posted on: Fri, 06/01/2001 - 8:37am
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Corvallis Mom,
I don't blame you for being upset about that. I just thought I'd mention FAAN strongly recommends people with food allergies not eat ANY of the food served on planes. The risk of cross-contamination is far too great. The meals are put together in huge warehouse-style facilities, on chaotic production lines, and FAAN says these meals cannot be considered safe for people with allergies. They recommend carrying on your own safe food. Of course, in the situation you were in, even if you didn't eat the airline food you'd still have to smell the other people's p-nut butter.

Posted on: Fri, 07/06/2001 - 4:24am
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I just flew United and had a "nut" snack served. But, I'd like to state that I did not expect a "peanut free" flight in regard to all foods. My main concern is that those offending little bags of peanuts aren't served creating a cloud of peanut dust. I wouldn't trust ANY airline food. We had an evening snack served which consisted of a turkey sandwich, coleslaw, and an almond topped brownie. The label on the brownie clearly stated that the product may contain traces of peanuts.

Posted on: Fri, 07/06/2001 - 9:07am
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We also flew United in June and had the nut snack mix. This was after talking to a rep, explaining our daughters allergy and being assured that United was a nut free air line. After recieving the mix, I told the flight attendant about my daughter and she continued to say that the mix did not contain peanuts. Not being one for scenes I let it drop and made sure my other children washed well after eating and gave my pa a fruit snack I had brought. Maybe we should send United information on what peanut free means. They obviously don't know.

Posted on: Sat, 07/07/2001 - 12:34am
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Please see my recent post on this board under "United Airlines."
"As to United Airlines -- it appears some of their customer service reps are mistaken when they say 'no NUTS' on flights. United's corporate policy appears to only be 'no peanuts as bagged snacks.' So, for those with tree nut allergies, be aware."
-- It seems that some of the United (telephone) customer service reps are overstating &/or misinterpreting the UAL "no peanuts" policy to some of us who call UAL.
SO, heads up! -- all PA should be alert for OTHER peanut/peanut-containing products to be included in some meals served on United.
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Posted on: Sun, 07/15/2001 - 7:10pm
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I called United today (Sunday)...we are leaing for Alaska from Chicago on Wed. I had a rude telephone rep. I told her I had been advised to let them know that my son was PA. She told me it didn't matter because no one would see it anyway that reservations wouldn't do anything different... she also said "We can't tell anyone not to bring on peanuts, we can't guarantee what other people will bring on" I then asked if there were any children's meals ( we have gotten Happy Meals to Fla before) and was told no. I'm calling again tomorrow and see what the next rep says.
We have flown United a lot...

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