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Just an observation here. Last week I had to travel to Seattle (without my peanut allergic child). I had a RT ticket on a non-stop flight from Washington, DC to Seattle. On both flights, NOT ONE PEANUT WAS SERVED!! Yay!!!! Do you think some airlines are just giving up on it?? People seemed fine just to eat their Frito's, Lay's, Kit Kats, Junior Mints, etc. Christine

On Apr 26, 1999


I hope you are right about them giving up on it. But why has Continental taken the stance they have? (read the Continental post). I e-mailed Continental about this five days ago but have not received a reply. We will be leaving in five days to go to Orlando with my two year old pnt allergic son. Southwest has said they will not serve pnts on any of our flights, but I am still on pins and needles about the plane ride.

On Apr 26, 1999

Hi, I posted the Continental info. Its sounds like a potential disclaimer to me. Oddly enough on a Dec 98, MSNBC page Continental was cited as an ailine that would take out peanuts if requested. My take on this. People with peanut allergies don't represent a significant market force and it's easier for them to do without our business (ie the disclaimer will encourage us to go elsewhere).

On Apr 27, 1999


Glad to hear it!! A year ago we took our son to FL for family vacation and we are new to being a "peanut allergic family". He was 3 then and we just found out last week that our 2 year old daughter is allergic as well. Anyway, it never occurred to me about airplanes being a problem. During flight my son said that he smelled peanuts and he felt funny. I kept saying, "Oh I don't think so, I don't smell it" Then, out from first class and about 15 rows ahead they are passing out peanuts!!!! He could smell it coming through the vents. (Which, I might add, how can they have "peanut free" zones on planes with those air vents?) So, the peanut frantic mother that I am I rushed to the head steward and told him my situation and that they MUST STOP serving or we were going to have a dire situation on our hands. So, they stopped it. I heard people behind me asking for snacks and the stewardesses telling them they couldn't due to a medical emergency. They were disgruntled but for the first time in my life I stood up and took serious charge of the situation. I'm sure when the steward looked in my eyes he knew what he was dealing with. Anyway, that was United Airlines. We never can travel charter anymore because the agents say they can't contact them because their food is done by a catering service, not the airlines. Has anyone had any luck with charters? How about Northwest Airlines, which is our hub in Mpls., and probably the airlines that we will be flying with mostly. Keep up the good work, we may be a minority but we are a loud minority!!!!

On Apr 28, 1999


Southwest Airlines is very good about no pnts flights, and since they don't serve meals on board, you don't have to worry about that. I just bring my kids food on board, which is what I would do anyway, knowing that my son has a pnt allergy. Hope this is useful info.

On May 14, 1999

Up with Northwest & United, Down with Continental. I'm 50 and severely allergic. I forgot about the pnt thing when I flew to Chi. on United in Feb (1st time flying in years). No peanuts, I thought, until I smelled them. They serve in 1st Class. For the return flight the next day I got to the airport 1 hr early and requested they remove the peanuts from 1st class. They did, in 1 phone call. I sent a commendation letter to customer service praising the attendant, I hope they got back to her. Next week I'm flying to Memphis on Northwest. It took 1 e-mail and 1 phone call. I will be given a letter to present to the fl. attd., which will be read to the passengers, requesting no nuts be eaten. There will be no snack nuts. Only a sufferer can imagine how it feels to be surrounded by the fumes. I will take epipens and premed with benedryl and I won't hesitate to demand oxygen if there is a problem but I believe they will be successful in keeping the nuts at bay(!).

On May 17, 1999

I just spoke to United and they have eliminated peanuts on their flights effective February 1999. US Air will also remove peanuts from flights if given at least five days notice.

We didn't learn about our son's allergy until recently have booked a flight to Italy in 3 weeks. he has been on airplanes before, but not one for 7 hours where it may be possible peanuts are on board. I've called the airline (Lufthansa) and they are checking with their caterers at the airports to see if they can eliminate the peanuts. My husband thinks I'm overreacting...any thoughts out there?