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We will be traveling and had checked with with a supervisor at United Airlines. She reported to us that United Airlines is not serving peanuts effective 2/26/99. Nice to see that in light of the recent research and press release at the AAAAI meeting by Dr. S.Sicherer and FAN regarding airline reactions to peanuts.

On Feb 9, 2004

There are many posts with United, however this one having the United Airlines in the topic looked like a good place to post this.

We have a member who was told by United that they had a policy on peanut allergy and she booked a flight.

She later found out that the flight would not be safe and asked for her money back and is getting nowhere. She tells us that they won't give her their legal departments contact information, she has waited on hold for up to 4 1/2 hours etc. They have not returned phone messages. etc. etc.

If you have had a recent experience good or bad with United please contact the office.


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On Feb 9, 2004

What about the United flight is not considered safe? Are they now serving peanuts or is it something else? I pray not....as I just booked a United flight a couple of hours ago! A non-refundable one at that!

On Feb 11, 2004

FYI, in another post under Airlines, somebody mentioned being served Cashews in peanut oil on a UAL flight.

BTW, United has told us it WILL NOT remove the nuts or nut-containing snacks from its flights for us. Period. Said it was "impossible due to sheer number of vendors they deal with." That answer came from UAL 2 weeks ago from a supervisor in UAL Customer Relations.

SO, if your're also TNA or desperately trying to avoid tree nuts in flight, United might not be the best choice.


On Feb 18, 2004

Nice to hear about this now, two days before we leave on United for San Diego via chicago from toronto. Even though they're not supposed to serve peanuts, i know there may be other nuts etc., but we are obviously not giving our pa daughter any food from the plane and will pack a lunch for her. But hopefully, there aren't nuts on board and only may contains! She hasnt been smell sensitive in the sense that she reacts, however she is sensitive to smell in general (if that makes sense) so now i'm thinking that in case there is a smell of nuts, i'll bring on the carryon some perfume or something that she likes, so she wont be too bothered by any nut smell in case we come across it. Hoping for the best! I'll let you know of my experience in a week or so.

On Feb 26, 2004

Just returned from San Diego with United. On the first leg from Toronto to Chicago, they served a snack, and of course in keeping with airline tradition, they served a pretzel and cashew snack...(but no peanuts!!) On the second leg from Chic to SD they served a box lunch that had no nuts luckily. So all in all, not bad, if they can just get rid of their obsession with nuts. My brothers family flew down via Pheonix with Southwest and they got peanuts for snacks...so i guess we're lucky that way!

On Mar 3, 2004

I just flew from Albany, N.Y. to Raleigh N.C. on United Express. Luckily without my PA daughter. They served a mixed nut snack on the plan. I know United Express isn't United but they are related.

On Mar 3, 2004

Yes mixed nuts or as in our case with united, cashews and pretzel type mix. They (airlines) are absolutely obsessed with nuts!

On May 24, 2004

My husband flew united last night and was served warm nuts as a snack.

Glad our son was at home!

On May 24, 2004


Did you dh by chance sit in first class?

On May 24, 2004

On United we fly Business Class and they do serve warm nuts, but NO peanuts. They don't serve nuts in Coach.

On May 25, 2004

EMom...Yes, he did sit in first class.

On May 25, 2004

Ahh, robinlp, thought so.

Yep, unfortunately, first class does still serve warm nuts.

However, if I remember correctly, I couldn't actually smell them. We have flown fly first class with our boys and it hasn't been an issue with us since ds is only pa and not tna. None of us ate them.

On Jun 8, 2004

DH and I flew on TED to and from Fort Lauderdale and there were no peanuts or nuts served.


On Jun 8, 2004

Just came back from flying on United with my non-PA daughter. The pretzels were made by a nut company (King Nut?? I can't remember the exact name) and had a peanut/nut warning on the label. They also served meals that had to be purchasd on board - from Au Bon Pain and Bennigan's. Both meals and the menu United handed out had peanut/nut warnings on them. And they weren't worth the ten bucks each!! Glad my PA son wasn't with us. If he were we would have brought meals anyway, but just thought I'd post this . . . United may not be serving bags of peanuts, but they've got a long way to go.

On Jul 21, 2004

We just came back from a trip to San Francisco with our kids. We were concerned about the part of our trip that we would be flying United as some of you had mentioned a preztel mix that had tree nuts. I was very concerned when I read this because when we booked the reservation, they told me that it was "peanut free". They failed to tell me that they were not "tree nut free". When I called back, they said that in fact they do serve a tree nut/pretzel mix.

We thought about cancelling our reservations but when checking out other airlines, we would have had to pay double the amount. If my son had a true tree nut allergy, I would have paid the extra without hesitation but because he is only peanut allergic, we decided to go anyway. We thoroughly wiped down the seat, arm rests, window, table, etc. with clorox wipes. Of course, we had two epipens handy just in case. As it turned out, that they did not serve a pretzel/nut mix anyway. It was just pretzels. Yes, as Yonit mentioned, it did say it was manufactured in the same facility as nuts, peanuts but I felt comfortable enough with that since it was not like an actual large dose of peanut debris would be expressed into the air. In addition to wiping the seats, we brought our own snacks. My kids were absolutely fine. I would certainly feel comfortable flying with United again. Of note, the first two legs of our trip were actually US Air. They served no snack at all on the first flight and Snyder's pretzels on the second flight. Again, no problems with them either.

On Aug 22, 2004

We just returned from at trip to Oregon. We flew United from DC to San Francisco and then United Express from SF to Eugene. On the SF flights they served the pretzel/cashew mix - ARG! We wiped down my daughter's seat and tray and fortunately, she was fine. On the United Express flights they served a cookie. I didn't take one, so I don't know if it had a warning or not. Do you think the other passengers would have been upset getting only pretzels instead of pretzels with a few cashews? Would probably be cheaper for United too, and from the sound of things, they can use all the savings they can get.

On Aug 24, 2004

We flew United from Connecticut to Australia and had no problems. They do not pass out peanuts, which was my main concern in selecting an airline for this very very long journey over the Pacific Ocean with nowhere to make an emergency landing in the event of an allergic reaction.

They did serve that pretzel/nut mix, but I wasn't very concerned about that (even though he is allergic to nuts) and they did serve an egg option for breakfast (even though he is allergic to eggs). We brought our own food, as we always do when we fly. We've always let him get water/juice/soda on the plane.

My main criterion in selecting an airline is that they don't pass out the peanut snacks. Even though they all say they can't guarantee a peanut free flight or stop anyone from bringing on peanuts, an airline can certainly make it easier by not handing out peanuts to 400 people at once! What is particularly frustrating is that there are many airlines that seem to "get" this and don't serve peanuts--obviously their top decision makers have researched peanut allergy and take it seriously and wish to avoid a problem on their airline--while other airlines have this "who cares?" attitude.