UK, Royal College of Physicians Report on allergy

Posted on: Wed, 06/25/2003 - 9:57pm
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Hello, had rather a busy day yesterday attending this press conference and talking to loads of press, and being filmed by sky/ITN news etc , but sadly they cut my part and another mothers out of it!!

After the press launch was pushed into a taxi and taken to the houses of parliment !
waved past all the lines of tourists and taken( after a long bewildering walk along old narrow corridors!) to a small room filled with allergy experts , people who run the anaphylaxis campaign, allergy uk and the National Allergy Strategy Group , and about 22 MPs.
Also others like me who have children with severe allergy, one mother who's daughter died from anaphylaxis, a man who lost his hips from years of taking seriods to control his severe hay fever, who after 14s got referred to a allergist , treated him ,and he now has 2 artificial hips and no longer has hay fever.
I finally met all the people from the Anaphylaxis campaign and allergyUK that I have been talking to on the phone for years or e-mailing! which was brill!!
Have got contacts /email address's of other parents I met.
The most ironic thing was the food /buffet served in this room,( which had small notices with the NATIONAL ALLERGY STATERGY GROUP emblems on,) labeled the food as 'may contain nuts', the food offered..........chicken in satay sauce, smoked salmon and cavier , and flat bread with homous and chicken.!!!!
Spent some time with a multiple severe food allergic young lady who hovered near window, sweating over the spread of nut traces in a small room!!!

I have no idea if this lobbying will do anything to help the pathetic state of our allergy services, but its a good start and I will watch to see if anything happens.
The Tv reports did not seem so good to me , all concentrating on the hayfever side of allergy, showing loads of people sneezing and not impressing the real hardship of severe allergy.

here are a few links,


'NHS cant cope with millons of allergy patients'


'allergy reaction to food and surroundings affects 1 in 3 and NHS cant cope'


'allergy services totally inadequate'


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Posted on: Fri, 06/27/2003 - 2:11am
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Great job Sarah! Keep it up!

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