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Hi everyone.... I dont want to pinch any members from your forum, as I will become a regular visitor of this forum now that I have found it. I have just started a UK forum for people with PA or parents of children with PA's.

Am I allowed to put up my link for my website?

I think we may be able to become valuable resources for each other...... Please respond to this as I won't put up my link until I know I can.... Thanks alot Sal

On Feb 28, 2005

Hi mizzimojo - I'm Irish and would love to have a forum closer to home. I don't think that it would mean abandoning this one, but it would be nice, esp. for product alerts and things like that, to be able to consult with others relatively close by. Would love to have address!

On Feb 28, 2005

Hiya Click the 'email mizzimojo' button to the right of my name for the minute....until I know I,m allowed to post the link..LOL

On Feb 28, 2005

Hi mizzimojo, and welcome to

There are many links on these boards - some to other allergy sites.

There is also a forum on this board for links, so as well as adding it in this thread, you might want to start a thread in the links forum too. [img][/img]

Good luck with your site.

On Feb 28, 2005

Thank you very much.... My site is at:


It has only been active for two days so please excuse the lack of members .... LOL Lets hope not for long though...

Anyway, anyone is welcome to join and maybe we can offer advice if anyone in the USA with PA are coming to the UK for a holiday..... Thanks again Sally

On Feb 28, 2005

Sally ... with a surname like yours, I have the feeling that the family originated from Devon or Cornwall!! [img][/img]

Welcome to this place -- you'll find it is like most families : STRANGE! [img][/img]

On Feb 28, 2005

You're not wrong Magentis52....

I live in Cornwall....

Are you familiar with these parts then?

On Feb 28, 2005

Born & bred in Salisbury. Lived in Bath. Worked aound there. Sister in Glos.

Family all around there. Minehead ... Porlock Hill ... Dunster ... Lynton & Lynmouth ...

Many many places [img][/img]

Must update my profile!

On Mar 1, 2005

mizzimojo, I am having trouble with your site!! I have added your's to mine. But still am having trouble!! Let me know I am sending you a e-mail

------------------ Love this site Synthia

On Mar 1, 2005

Hi Synthia

Apparantly Webmania our server is down today........Typical when I,ve just told everyone the link LOL

Should be fine later....

On Mar 9, 2005

just re-raising. any suggested topic ideas or links for this site please ??!!!