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Posted on: Tue, 06/06/2006 - 4:33am
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You always think you're prepared, and know what to do in case of trouble...When it actually happens, where is my carefully thought out plan?
When DD said her PBJ sandwich was bothering her, I didn't panic, but I didn't think to give her Benadryl either.
She was 18, and TNA only, and I've been prepared (I thought) for that for years. Something new? Didn't even occur to me, not for several hours.
Of course, DD didn't present much of a plan herself. We did make sure the epi was at hand, and kept watch, but still...

Posted on: Tue, 06/06/2006 - 4:44am
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OMG milosmom!
I was switching between LOL and horror reading your post. Your poor husband. Now he can write a blurb in the section entitled, "Epi, what it feels like". (It will wear off in about 2 hours.) Is he ok, otherwise?
How is Milo? Have you called your allergist? How old is Milo? Have you stripped his clothes off? Hives sometimes hide on tummies and backs.
See the post I'm raising on "Anaphylaxis Symptoms and Grading Chart". Click on the link for specifics. (Good to print out and keep, also.) There are a few other symptoms than hives.
I would still call your Doc. They may want to examine him. Sounds like you did a great job.

Posted on: Tue, 06/06/2006 - 4:57am
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I'm also going back between 'oh-no!' and laughing. Your poor husband! That cracks me up...as does the thought of giving him a vacuum.
Did your son end up reacting?

Posted on: Tue, 06/06/2006 - 5:25am
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Miles is fine so far, he feel asleep for a little while (I kept him with me downstairs instead of putting him in his crib). He has not one hive anywhere and no other symptoms. I have a call into the doctor and will let you know what he says.
My husband said the shot itself didn't hurt at all really as it happened so quickly. He says his leg is really sore, and the area around the injection site is numb now. He is walking around holding an ice pack on his thigh. I will ask the doctor about him too. Dingbat. I am thankful we had a script for 4 pens!
Thanks for raising the symptoms chart! I am going to print it out and keep it with the boy at all times. I am baffled, and terrified as to where the nut came from. I am also truly amazed at the swear words I uttered when I found the nut. Would have put any sailor to shame.

Posted on: Tue, 06/06/2006 - 5:37am
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You are holding up really well! How calm you are, and still funny. Glad all is ok.
My DH shrunk the chart and laminated it for me. I keep it in my purse. My symptoms are usually GI, and you would not believe how many ER Doc's don't think reactions are real if you aren't covered in hives!
About the cashew, I can relate. In our 1st house I had several bridal showers, usually making birdseed favors to throw at the lucky couple. Now this was in the dining room on hardwood flooring. I'm no Martha Stewart, but our house was clean; vacuumed and mopped weekly. I would still find birdseed weeks later! Sometimes one of the cats would be batting something around...oops, another sunflower seed! Don't ask me where they were hiding. Perhaps it was the cat!

Posted on: Tue, 06/06/2006 - 9:09am
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It makes me laugh to think that one of the causes of allergies is suspected to be a too-clean environment. They obviously haven't been to our house. Having said that it's not dirty- I am always cleaning. I just have two kids, run a business and have a husband that is essentially my third kid when it comes to mess.
Still waiting for the dr. to call back....

Posted on: Sat, 06/10/2006 - 3:20am
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How did the job interview go?

Posted on: Tue, 06/13/2006 - 5:42am
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The doctor never called back which worries me. The job interview went great he goes in tomorrow for a full day interview. Thanks for asking! They probably thought he was very energetic! We just got back from NYC where he was made an offer which he verbally accepted and now we are waiting for the offer letter. Scary move that- California to New York. All my family is near us here in CA.

Posted on: Thu, 06/15/2006 - 8:26am
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Hooray for the good job interview!
Can't believe the Doc didn't call you back. If you see him before you leave, be sure to let him know you called. (I've had to call positive labs to Docs at work; sometimes it's because they don't get the message from their staff. Always a good idea to let them know about the exposure, anyway.)And I'm very glad your DS is ok. Guess you won't have to worry about any more cashews.

Posted on: Thu, 06/15/2006 - 12:11pm
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Milosmom you crack me up! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]
Glad everything turned out OK!



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