UGH!! Steak n Shake

Posted on: Wed, 01/08/2003 - 2:15am
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I just got off the phone with steak n shake and boy am I frustrated. I emailed them on 12/23 to find out if they were safe for my PA son -I received back an email that stated "we do not issue such information" and "we only use the finest ingredients".

After leaveing 2 voice mails I finally made contact today and was told they are "casual dining" and do not have to provide that info. I was told it was not available - and when I stated that I couldn't believe they would not provide information on the top 8 allergens and that a peanut allergy could be possibly life threatening I was told I am sorry but we don't have the information.

I asked for someone else to contact and they said there wasn't anyone - then I said I would post the information here on this website and I was then given the name of someone to write to (a letter will be in the mail by the end of the week).

What else can I do???

Posted on: Thu, 01/09/2003 - 11:04am
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When you get a response, I'd like to know. I was just driving by there today and was thinking of checking them out. It's ridiculous that it's like pulling teeth to get information.

Posted on: Thu, 01/09/2003 - 12:02pm
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The Steak and Shake web site has a page with links of "friends and suppliers". On this page their is a link to a nut company. I couldn't tell if this means they serve nuts or not.

Posted on: Fri, 03/21/2003 - 3:41am
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Just bumping to see if anyone has had any luck with them. We have a new one in our area.

Posted on: Fri, 03/21/2003 - 7:21am
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My son ate at one about a year ago in Illinois as we were traveling through that state. We asked about the oil used, etc... and all sounded fine. He did okay with the hamburger and fries that he ate. We of course avoided milkshakes and other desserts.

Posted on: Sat, 03/22/2003 - 3:55am
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I have contacted them twice because we have one that just opened by us. I can not believe a company is as secretive as they are with no regard to something so serious. They told me as well that they only use the finest of ingredients. WHO CARES how fine the ingredients are.. WHAT ARE THEY????? Yes...this makes me steam!!!! I feel better [img][/img].

Posted on: Sat, 03/22/2003 - 5:40am
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All of the Steak and Shakes near us in suburban Chicago are grossly filthy. The food is mediocre at best. Give them a miss.

Posted on: Sun, 03/23/2003 - 7:24am
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We have Steak N Shake all around us, all of them clean and tidy...unlike the previous poster. The food is YUMMY...and we've eaten there twice with our PA daughter, with no problems. Of course, all she's had is grilled cheese, no fries. But, the ones we ate at were fine.

Posted on: Tue, 03/25/2003 - 6:24am
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I was going to say something similar. Unless you are a drunken college student, you are not missing much.

Posted on: Tue, 03/25/2003 - 12:59pm
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Here is the response I just received from Steak 'n Shake in regard to asking them if they use Peanut or Tree nuts in any of their food.
I am so ticked at them right now... Is there anyone we can contact to put pressure on them about this?? FAAN, maybe??
I will NOT be eating there any time soon!!
Letter from Steak 'n Shake::
Dear Steak n Shake Patron,
Thank you for your patronage of our restaurants. We are glad that you enjoy our food enough to request nutritional information regarding it, but unfortunately we do not issue such information. You can rest assured, however, that we use only the finest ingredients and preparation methods in our offerings.
Again, thank you for your interest in Steak n Shake. We hope that you will continue to enjoy our superior food quality and customer service.
Taritha Braun
Comment Card Coordinator

Posted on: Wed, 03/26/2003 - 3:38pm
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If I was trying to find out the information for myself, this would be my response...
Dear (insert name)
Thank you for your response. However, I believe that you have misunderstood the reason of my request.
I am highly allergic to Peanuts, and Tree Nuts. I do not care if your food is from the finest ingredients. If I eat peanuts or tree nuts I will DIE, whether they are the best peanuts/nuts or the worst. Negotiating restaurants is not an easy task for me, I have to read the labels of everything I eat, to be sure that I won't go into anaphylaxic shock from the slightest trace of Peanut/Tree nuts. Your restaurant is no exception.
I would like to eat at your establishment, but obviously you discriminate against such consumers by your outright refusal to simply answer whether peanuts/tree nuts are in any of the food you serve. I will make sure to tell every person I know who has food allergies your unwillingness to co-operate, and therefore discrimination against them.
Obviously I can't "continue to enjoy" your restaurant, since eating something on your menu is like playing russian roulette. I may be fine with one item, paramedics could be carrying me out of your restaurant with another. Customer service? Are you going to hand an item that will kill me to me with a smile? It is ridiculous that you spout slogans of "customer service" when you won't even provide a simple list of highly allergic ingredients for your customers. In my opinion, it is disgraceful and very POOR customer service.
blah blah blah
By the way, isn't there some law that restaurants MUST provide info upon request?
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