Tyson - new product with pecans


I called on the Terryaki Grills which were in my freezer from pre-PA days - I have never given these to ds but called anyway. I was told that they are peanut and treenut safe BUT she mentioned that Tyson is test marketing a Pecan Crusted Chicken Tender and it is currently made in a separate facility. I am not worried about treenuts but wanted to post for those who are.


800 233 6332

She also said that for products with allergens they run at the end of the day on separate lines and then disassemble the lines and wash down the whole room.

On Apr 25, 2007

Thanks for the warning about that new product. We usually use Perdue chicken products, but I'd always considered Tyson safe, and used them as an alternate to Perdue if they weren't available for some reason. I probably wouldn't have called them to check on their products' safety given how long I'd been using them, so I'm so glad you posted this!


On Apr 27, 2007

Thanks- called and they said this is a food club/ warehouse item. They share lines with an allergen "wash" and run the allergen free ones first. Mentioned I did not use shared lines, they did say that these were run at plant P880A currently with other stuffed items, and that the nuggets should be safe. It did sound like this could be subject to change at any time- hopefully not.

On Apr 27, 2007

why oh why do manufacturers think this world needs more nuts! Seriously! I really hope this does not change the safe chicken nuggets. My 3yr old DS could live on these! I guess with every new bag I buy I will have to call!

On Apr 27, 2007

Sounds like a lot of us should call. And if the new ones are in any of our markets DH said we should call and say we don't like them!